1. I'm calling it now. If Trump or DeSantes are elected in 2024 Simone Gold will receive a high level appointment in the administration.

  2. The current Surgeon General of Florida was one of the frontline doctors.

  3. Thanks for writing it. I purchased the eBook today.

  4. Making your own Amaro is both fun and frustrating. I also found that pouring the finished product through a Brita filter helps remove any remaining sediment.

  5. I wish more providers did consider the moral and ethical quandaries created by their work. Instead, many choose to remain willfully ignorant of the financial implications of their care on their patients. Many are incentivized to document and/or provide excessive care to generate revenue for themselves and their employers.

  6. It's not willful ignorance, it's the system that we're in. Not ordering a bunch of tests leads to patient complaints like "The doctor didn't do anything for me." Or on the off chance that I don't order tests or treatments and if there is a bad outcome, I can be sued for malpractice even when evidence states that the care was reasonable.

  7. I'm interested in the bitters approval process and how you went through it all. Did you end up selling your creations?

  8. OP, did you have a positive flu test? If so, you might be in the window for Tamiflu. It helps with the severity and duration of symptoms, although it has a side effect of nausea. Urgent care centers are going to be packed right now with long wait times. A telemedicine call would be quicker/cheaper.

  9. A psychologist once told me, "If antidepressants worked, the divorce rate in this country would be a lot lower."

  10. Didn't know this was happening but was falling asleep to Chef's Table the other night and wondered when this would happen.

  11. Starter comment: Anyone know of similar health systems suing insurance companies?

  12. Envision, a contract management group, cut ties with United. I think they're both suing each other.

  13. Steve, I always enjoy your videos (particularly the shots) to get new inspirations.

  14. Yes, those videos don't seem too good for your health.

  15. Gaseous carbon dioxide takes up 790 times the volume of dry ice, meaning that the tiny ice pellet in your cocktail will rapidly expand in your stomach/esophagus. Other posts already mentioned the famous case that came out of the UK with the young woman whose stomach ruptured. Something else to note is that carbon dioxide is heavier than air, which has led to multiple cases of asphyxiation and death. Finally, there's the issues of direct contact burns. At negative 109 degrees Fahrenheit, touching dry ice to your lips or tongue can create a tissue injury.

  16. Kids, drink your water, not only does it protect against hangovers caused by dehydration and loads of sugar, but the vomiting is super diluted and easier to eject.

  17. "the vomiting is super diluted and easier to eject"

  18. OXO Angled Measuring Jigger has a pour spout that keeps liquid from sticking.

  19. Congratulations. Can you tell us about the ingredients and process you put into creating the gin?

  20. And that's the rub. The state medical school has a robust library and is not running a for-profit program.

  21. I should add that I do not live anywhere near Orlando. I'm not sure how the school expects me to teach its students from so far away.

  22. Brut is not a type of sparkling wine; the term refers to the relative lack of sugar. I think you are thinking about Brut Champagne, where Champagne is a type of sparkling wine.

  23. Terrible. So many nurses and physicians have left that the average age of experience for both groups is less than two years. Our secretaries and medics regularly leave to take jobs as gas station attendants and coffeehouse baristas because the pay and working conditions are better. Most nights we have only one janitor covering our entire hospital. Every week I get an email from administration stating that our door to doctor times, patient satisfaction scores, and length of stay times need to improve.

  24. These spheres are awesome. I think that the bride is going to be pleasantly surprised.

  25. I am currently reading Spritz by Leslie Pariseau and Talia Baiocchi. Here is Alex Day's Rib Tickler.

  26. This is already happening to freestanding emergency departments in Florida. No lab techs as the nurses run all of the tests. Everyone is unhappy with the situation.

  27. If you're not getting people in the door with original drinks, you've got to offer something else like a high-end kitchen, a music venue (that does batched, well made cocktails), a seat next to a tourist attraction, the largest selection of (rum, whiskey, beer) in town, free or cheap classes on (Amari, wine, make your own cocktails), inside things to do like pool or darts.

  28. Maybe, but someone dumb enough to think think that glassware defines masculinity doesn't care about historical accuracy.

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