1. I’ve been on accutane for 4 months. Month one was 40, month two 60, and 80 ever since. I wear my contacts everyday and sleep in them 5 nights a week. Haven’t had issues other than a bit dryer than usual and sometimes will have to take them out for an extra night each week than I normally would.

  2. Damn, I’m on 80 mg a day and pay 40 dollars for a months supply with insurance

  3. I like that they have a midsole and wish all the heritage boots came with them. Keep on livin’ brother 🤟🏻

  4. Sorry this has nothing to do with the jacket, but what pants are you rockin’ brother?

  5. Gap kaihara slim stretch selvedge, like 12.5oz I believe they have a white and red selvedge id

  6. I thought Black Noir was more Deadpool, but the Deadpool from that wolverine movie where his mouth was sewn shut

  7. I did my first microneedling session about two months after I finished. Some derms will say 6 months but mine told me I could start within 30 days.

  8. Right on, have you seen any positive results with your scarring?

  9. If it’s an unpopular opinion consider me a fucking loser…because I feel the same way bro bro 🤟🏻

  10. Man I just condition and every now and then and use blue magic leave in conditioner every day. Shampoo can’t come near my hair right now lol my derm told me to listen to my body and that’s what I’ve been doing

  11. I developed super dry hair/scalp and using blue magic did the trick for me!

  12. Yeah, you’ll be fine! I went to the dentist the other day and noticed my teeth and gums are a bit more sensitive, but that’s about it :)

  13. Heritage—lifestyle boots Work line—work The only reason I wear my rangers for work is because I’m a teacher lol so technically they’re my work boots but I’ve worked manual labor jobs and would never wear these on a job site. But to each their own, I don’t find myself getting upset at anyone for doing what they want with their boots. Cheers mate!

  14. Nice! I have a Fossil wallet that matches my copper blacksmiths :)

  15. Everything is perfect. You’re perfect. I love you, bud.

  16. Just started my 4th month and I haven’t had any side effects other than some dryness. My skin actually looks better as far as fine lines and wrinkles. I was really nervous to start this medication due to things I read online, but I found out it’s best not to sweat someone else’s experience because yours will be unique to you. The only regret I have about accutane is that I didn’t take it sooner 🤟🏻

  17. I really like this. I think I get too lost in dialogue scenes focusing on what’s being said, rather that what’s being done

  18. It’s an easy mistake to make! I try and force myself to think about what they’re doing while speaking because in real life there’s always body movement things happening around etc :)

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