1. get close without aggroing, crouch run towards him, left trigger+y while a few feet away= always works no matter how much gear you have

  2. nope, this ain't work, your plan gonna fail on official servers at least right at the first step. If ain't raining, you cant sneak behind them anyhow, they just know.

  3. You can go too slow, they alert after a set like 2 seconds of you being there i think. Make sure you do it as soon as you are in range?

  4. I do, but actually, this might be the case because I play a lot thru cloud gaming, and there might be some time in between which I can't make in time due to slight delay... however they should change this no matter if this is it, breaks the immersion completely in my opinion

  5. Critical thinking. Seems like if you are capable of it nowadays you are rather a bigot, homophobe, pro-Russian, or whatever nonsense name the left pick for you and you are just a villain from now on.

  6. If you weren't mad, you wouldn't be constantly telling me how dumb and wrong I am. You think Blizzard employees have never bended the rules? You can be mad all you want if a blizz rep did something he shouldn't have, but it happened. Sit and spin.

  7. You can complain all you want, it happened. Sorry.

  8. In your head perhaps. I told you nobody cares about that. We are done here.

  9. this really depends on the goals you trying to achieve. Are you trying to be a web developer or is this just about learning programming in general?

  10. The office, there is nothing better for better mood for me

  11. I hope for tab target a lot but I will give it a go probably no matter what, however no big expectations after what they presented so far, I genuinely didn't like it, yet it's still alpha so we see.

  12. I use Wise. I don't recommend Revolut, they have unreliable services sometimes hold your money for months because they didn't like something within your account, or you can use exchange in Kaprova street, Prague 1, there is no better than this one

  13. Pass, I will be mad however I want lmao. Abuse the block function? :D HOW CAN YOU ABUSE A FREAKING BLOCK YOU MORON??? Even when I want to block the whole Reddit why would you stop me WTF? Nowadays everything is limited even stupid block functions and yet there still exist people like you, who defend it... THIS is the real madness, not my 'uncivilized' posts tf.

  14. How is that works, you should inhale smoke thru water like that I don't see a way it even touches its surface

  15. Hello there, I learned by coding my own projects mostly and I smoke weed to prevent symptoms. No biggy, but not a solution for everyone I guess, give it a try.

  16. It's dead already, we just have nothing else that would take the spot yet.

  17. here in Czechia, there is no tolerance, but in reality... nobody cares, not even cops.... if you sell on the black market, they can catch you only if someone snitches or you are utterly stupid and post on social media, etc. Same with growing.

  18. Wait is that for real I taught that drug dogs couldn't get tricked

  19. if there is no air coming from the sealed bag, there is no trick in it. Not even K9 would smell it like that.

  20. The only problem is residue outside the bags. i saw on one documentary that they rub motor oil on the bags to take care of it.

  21. oh yeah, that might be an issue, but that's not a vacuum problem anymore. I'd probably solve this by simply washing the bags with a pressure hose before moving, or sealing those bags again in another bag if there is no other option.

  22. I don't think this is bad, a traditional family concept is around for ages: man provides, woman cares and handles home. My grandma is like that, the last sentence hits different tho, not sure what to expect in that matter.

  23. I understand it is frustrating. If I ware you I would try to ask in some groups for people with hobbies in electronics, or watch some youtube videos and try it myself

  24. lucky he is not you then. Why are you even trying to help someone, when you don't know how? is that make sense to you?

  25. It’s a special kettle for coffee, costs 200 bucks.

  26. that seems worth repairing. Try to google the electrician in your area, they mostly have a phone number listed in google view, but it might be better if you have a local to call them for you, when I used these services last time it was just an old guy who most definitely didn't speak English I guess, but you might get lucky. I'm sure you will find help like that, there is a lot of them.

  27. It's easy just have the baby another time, think about the team!

  28. There's no point trying to explain anything to a drooling idiot. So, yeah. You're funny, though, so that's something.

  29. Lilie i said to the other guy, I'm bored with your degenerate so unless you post real argument worth reply I'm out of this, I see no point to talk to retarded people who only attack me instead the statistics. You are not funny tho, you are just sad and very stupid.

  30. How is this relevant lmao :D you are totally braindead pls stop bothering me already.

  31. It is very much a fraud and you shouldn't, but if someone is willing to pay for it I say why not.

  32. Do whatever you can, you are willing to do just for audition. Depends on company but in my country you won't need anything at all they give task to complete at home here so you can think about your solution same as you will while working there, I personally prefer this type of hiring but it definitely helps to have something what you are trying to get work of. If you can do a complex project try to mind some principles, file structure etc. Codewise it doesn't really matter just solve problems best way you can. Good luck mate.

  33. 15 years, a gram per day approx for last 10. I think I'm still fine

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