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  1. That‘s freakin cool, thanks I was searching for something like that

  2. Haha, but he still missed like a donkey, we‘ll let that slip

  3. Ah das ist das aktuelle oder vor zwei Wochen neue gewesen das habe ich an ner Tanke gekauft. Strand und so

  4. Habe seit bestimmt 10 Jahren kein LTB mehr gekauft. Sind die aktuellen noch so gut wie früher?

  5. Everything‘s great but why is he farting with the successful dribbles ?

  6. I shamelessly copy pasted from SofaScore Twitter

  7. I‘m Polish I don‘t know a babushka

  8. Good that we want at least 20. He‘s worth exactly that and if he would play in another league up to 40-60.

  9. If Atilla is worth 20 then Kim is worth 40. Sad that we had that release clause, they got a steal :(

  10. 16 mil including bonuses, I think it depends on the bonuses. I would be fine with 15+3 and 15% sell-on clause.

  11. Well he is partially armenina with fam from kahramanmaras

  12. He massacred you! You look like you’re five years old!

  13. Erotic journey from Milan to Minsk

  14. Döner Kebap 🕺🕺🕺🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  15. The only times when i watch tvp is when Ojciec Mateusz is on it

  16. ach wieder die Strandausgabe und die Brille hätte ich die letzten Tage dringend gebraucht

  17. Hahahahahaha „I‘m not drunk (you are drunk) hahahhahahaha that‘s funny

  18. Quatsch, das hat doch Michael Morbius gesagt, nachdem er alle weggemorbt hatte.

  19. Wer ist wasti und wieso ist Daisy so uncool ? Oh und My fair lady ist großartig

  20. I loved Seinfeld watching it the first time, so I rewatched it and it sucked. It was so unfunny. :(

  21. So unfunny you sought out and joined a sub for dedicated fans of the show?

  22. Polish-Brazilian Women Must be the two most beautiful combined

  23. Ariane Lipski. She's fighting tomorrow as well. hihi

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