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  1. What an utter shit subreddit (KIA, not here)

  2. Something cannot be “very unique.” Unique is a binary attribute. Something is either unique or it isn’t

  3. They’ve only got good branding

  4. Get that bag quick because the card is kind of shite for playability

  5. I think px is deeply overrated and overvalued. I traded my dup for an archangel +1mm, and felt very okay about it. It’s a very good card, but archangel +3 is an overpay

  6. R/con knows they’re seen as hateful, but still can’t quite figure out why they feel excluded

  7. Definitely Australia, New Zealand is on the map.

  8. I was going to guess was a New Zealand vengeance map

  9. Perfect. I was going to say breakfast tacos but this is better

  10. What is with the fair meter at the top in all these screenshots?I never see it

  11. I think they added it for new players a while back

  12. I’m a Queen Anne’s Revenge man myself

  13. At least their corrupt presidents seem to face consequences

  14. You used a lot of words to not say anything of value

  15. If you’re a person that buys gems ever, anything better than 150 per USD (or pound I guess) is above rate

  16. It’s pretty squarely in the middle of mythics. I think it’s a super fun card

  17. If you’ve got the cards and want to play it - ragarok and Loki stay together left/middle - don’t fight for round 1, set things up for later - cuttlefish the turn after plague doctor

  18. It’s pretty good but your offer was fair. Sometimes people just want something else, don’t let a refusal change your perspective

  19. Noticed this immediately. Just kind of a fun gimmick since often as not the return buff is better

  20. You get 100 Collector Tokens every 4 caches. Where I am now it will take me 471 collection levels to gather 1000 tokens.

  21. You get more tokens when series 3 complete because they replace series 3 cards

  22. Thing is, series 5 is endgame content. You’re still in the phase where you’re getting the drip feed of series 3. Once you’re series 3 complete, you get more tokens and will be able to pick up series 4 or even series 5 more frequently

  23. About even. Binary is basically required for the cheap sci/lol deck, but only that deck. Death is a solid role player for a variety of decks, but isn’t a lynchpin

  24. The variation in locations is what makes this game work. If it was just 3 vanilla lanes, the game would be DOA. Being tactical and adjusting to the circumstances is a core element, but folks gotta be strategic when building for hot/featured locations. If someone is retreating t1 on revealing a featured location, they’ve totally earned that cube loss

  25. Unpopular opinion but I think you’re actually ahead here. I almost never play shinigami as I find playing to the timer to be very tedious, and el dorado is a great card

  26. 100. I’m there in 5th grade and I’ve never seen a sleeve or deckbox in my life.

  27. You should here the imbeciles there who constantly chant landlords are thieves.

  28. Thief is a stretch, but there is a lot of predatory behavior in renting. Even in near-optimal circumstances, the relationship consolidates wealth

  29. Sure there are folks in that sub that take things to an extreme, but calling the sub as a whole ‘morons’ is neither productive nor accurate. History has shown several times over the need for workers to organize against systems that exploit them.

  30. Right, seems like he cannot handle criticism in any form and is incapable of conversation.

  31. Tbh, I side with his approach on social media. It gets toxic in a hurry and doubly so for public figures. I just quit social media, but when your livelihood is content production, that’s not really an option. Better to keep your sanity than go nuts trying to engage with contrarians for a small audience gain

  32. This is just a list of rich people that have chosen sports teams as investments. The Clippers sure aren't the reason Ballmer is on the top of this list ...

  33. Not really even sure how much of an investment it is. I think for most of these folks it’s more of a luxury. Not every owner guts their team like the Nuttings.

  34. ‘Only’ worth 4.6B what a bum

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