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  1. Check out xtrusion overland bed racks. The can do custom height to match your roof rack. I’m wanting to do the same thing

  2. Scraper.Congrats on your find.Got to be some more artifacts around!Good luck.

  3. Thanks! And yes, this would be the 4th artifact I’ve found from the same gravel bar. 3 points and this guy

  4. So by the street sign you’re in my neighborhood. I see you PVKS.

  5. Is that your truck OP? Your Reddit post history shows fishing, gun shooting, and the Grateful Dead—just like this truck.

  6. Not my truck. Yes I shoot guns. I hunt and fish. I took this photo to send to my duck hunting/deadhead friends (that’s a ducks unlimited sticker on the top right). I didn’t even see the Cali sticker till my buddy pointed out the irony. My eyes were too bad to read it on the road.

  7. I use my running boards to wipe mud off my boots before hopping in the truck.

  8. Check out @c_mento_taco_808 on Instagram. The guy sells custom grill emblem vinyl overlays that don’t mess with any sensors. I just ordered one as I’m getting rid of all chrome on my truck.

  9. Keep an eye on your gun for residue buildup. Split a case of those with a buddy last season and they were really dirty. Slowed down the action of my gun and I had to religiously clean it until I ran through my last box of those shells. They did seem to have good knockdown power I will admit. Not worth the constant need to clean though.

  10. You found a good one! Time to start putting up some more fences

  11. No help on ID but take me with you next time you go!

  12. Yep. Within about a 100mile radius from Kansas City.

  13. Wow man you really just copied my post word for word and same pic from a year ago on this sub. Nice work🫡

  14. Gotta depreciate that land.

  15. Section 180 soil fertility deduction has entered the chat

  16. When people reel their lure all the way up the the rod tip

  17. Throwing stones, China cat, u.s. blues, mama tried, Mexicali blues

  18. Yes. throw your top water lures once the sun starts setting in the evening. Don’t be afraid to throw it around Lily pads and moss to try and pull a big lunker out from underneath

  19. It’s my favorite dead performance of all time. The energy is insane going into lovelight.

  20. I’ve always had trouble ID-ing panfish but that thing is gorgeous, do you know what kind it is? I’m guessing some kind of sunfish but not positive.

  21. It’s a pumpkinseed sunfish. And one of the prettiest ones I’ve had the pleasure to catch!

  22. Leaverrite. As is leave her right where you found it.

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