1. Agreed! It was a huge downgrade from Arkham knights suit imo

  2. I don't think its That yes we know he Survived its just That the Mystery of the ending with nightmare batman in Arkham knight was somewhat ruined also he's wearing a different batsuit unlike the one he was wearing in arkham knight for some weird reason

  3. He needs to stop Spamming on everyone's post its getting really annoying at this point

  4. Suicide squad kill the justice league kinda ruined the whole mystery around the ending of arkham knight imo

  5. Well there is this guy who's been Spamming on Everyone's post including mine so i would say maybe

  6. Yes he keeps Spamming on Everyone's post for some reason and its really annoying

  7. A Superman game and a Teen titans game first then a batman beyond Arkham game for sure!

  8. None of Those a Superman game a Teen titans game than a batman beyond Arkham game

  9. I highly doubt it i really hope not rocksteady made it clear their done with batman for now

  10. No not really arkham asylum is fine the way it is same with arkham city and arkham knight i would love to see a remaster of arkham origins one day though!

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