1. One of the scariest heels of all time for me. No over the top or overtly horror-themed gimmicks needed. But every small thing he did as this character he seemed genuinely messed up. Just a person you would never want to cross.

  2. That apron bump was nasty. The rolling pin counter to the choke was very smooth, I want to see more of technical wizard Brock.

  3. Charlotte's powerbomb and Sasha's selling were a great combination. They had really good in-ring chemistry in general.

  4. That suplex he did on Braun went viral and I thought it would pave the way for a push. He's very entertaining in his current spot but he'd be so awesome as a serious wrestler (especially with all the great in-ring talent in wrestling right now).

  5. He's been in the conversation for some time. He was very hyped when he got to NXT UK and he deserved every bit of that long title reign. It's great that he got the opportunity to put on great matches on the main roster and show that there's room for good old great wrestling in a company that's usually more character and story-driven.

  6. It's funny to see the Owen-Shawn matches that were based on Shawn getting injured by a brutal head kick, better known as an enziguri.

  7. Yeah a head kick should end a match, as should any punch that is not a jab, if we're being realistic. In puro a punch is illegal and treated like a very big deal (see Ibushi whenever he goes murder mode) whenever it is used.

  8. Kota Ibushi wrestles serious matches very well. He also wrestles comedy matches very well. On one hand he seems to be a weird awkward personality and on the other hand he has legit shoot kickboxing training. Similar to his idol Shinsuke Nakamura.

  9. This diving footstomp by Kyoko Kimura from the balcony of Korakuen hall:

  10. Some of these (the Naruto ones especially) have the legs around the body and over the arms (like a Styles Clash) instead of around the neck. I don't think that's ever been attempted in real life, which is probably for the best.

  11. Aries had an amazing moveset; like AJ Styles and Gunther, he had a strike, a submission, a slam/driver, and a top-rope finisher. He's not as well-remembered as Punk/Styles/Danielson/Joe but he's also a huge part of early 2000's ROH and independent wrestling in general. Such a shame the way he torpedoed his own career.

  12. Mayu and Ibushi are just so alike in their godlike wrestling, hate of necks, and unorthodox (to say the least) way of thinking. I need them to collaborate in one way or another at some point.

  13. It's a little complicated I think because usually obviously unskilled wrestlers will be given limited match time, on the other hand usually more skilled and safe wrestlers will be in many more feuds and big long matches sometimes with stipulations and big spots which increase the rate of injuries.

  14. He wasn't supposed to fall the second time. He was supposed to be slammed atop the cage, the cage holds, and 1-2-3. His second fall is much scarier than the first cause he had no idea how to react.

  15. Was the chokeslam supposed to be the end of the match? What about the tacks?

  16. yes. Also Mick rarely remembers doing anything after the fall from the cage into the ring except doin' the tooth in the nose bit. Everything after that was improv.

  17. Why would anyone keep a bag of tacks ready for a match where it wasn't meant to be used?

  18. Add Hangman and Ibushi as a third team.

  19. He looks like he was created by one of those AI generators from a database of early 2000's wrestlers

  20. I remember peak Falconarrow. Everyone thought they were Seth Rollins.

  21. Early on after Hook's debut I always wanted him to be built up as a giant slayer. I didn't know why. But I'm glad my wish is coming true.

  22. Takeshita has GOAT potential. Ospreay and him have the biggest potential of everyone right now to actually compete to be the GOAT in-ring wrestler.

  23. Quite remarkable that DDT, the company infamous for having a championship match between a ladder and a table, has also regularly produced some of the world's best wrestlers.

  24. Damn the size difference between Shoko and Miyu is astounding. Also Yuka is so underrated. I love her as a vicious heel.

  25. I know they've done it 800 times but I'm still here for it

  26. Okada-Tanahashi has to be the longest running feud that has stayed fresh, because of how creatively they change up the match structure every time.

  27. I'm undecided on whether this is a botch or just Ibushi and Naito being Ibushi and Naito

  28. Probably unlikely that Shingo holds the main title again as much as I want it to happen so I'm just happy he's in the main event scene again.

  29. Reigns vs. Omega. There used to be this "custom promo" floating around which was pretty well-edited playing up NJPW Omega's rebellious nature against Reigns' then company man status. Of course their gimmicks have changed since then but I'd still like to see a match between the two, I think their movesets jive pretty well.

  30. Anyone who saw NXT from 2013-2015 knows the power of Sami Zayn as the top babyface.

  31. That run was quite dependent on him being one of the best in-ring workers of all time though. He's since slowed down and relied more on character work. I'd definitely love to see old workrate Sami again.

  32. Imagine a WWE where both Sami and Finn came to the main roster and kept their current momentum going. No injuries. No Vince losing faith. Just them doing what they did in NXT.

  33. Finn got a hell of a second wind when he came back to NXT, then he came back to the main roster and he lost all momentum again. The Judgment Day stuff has revitalized his career characterwise, but I'm still waiting for him to have the caliber of matches he had with KOR and Dunne.

  34. I love the idea of all wrestling catfishing ending with Seth getting tackled. Even when the situation has nothing to do with him.

  35. Somehow I had forgotten that Seth has been in dangerous fan-jumping-the-barricade situations more than once

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