1. The face you make when you were looking forward to a quiet retirement, but your entitled dumbfuck man baby child decided he was going to become a “philanthropist “ and steal investors money and now you have to go to court, have said man baby back living in your house while he awaits jail and you are probably going to lose all your money paying lawyers and restitution . Good times ! Fuck you , pay me !

  2. His mom is some law professor at Stanford, she ain't stupid. She absolutely knew her son was up to no good. No pity. Throw them all in prison.

  3. Of course the parents are guilty as shit! They wanted in on the billionaire lifestyle. Those soulless greedy eyes say it all. Hope they all rot in prison.

  4. Even with exercise it doesn’t make sense. Alcohol will bloat anybody; it doesn’t care if you are active. He never seems to have that alcohol bloat. Very odd especially with his love of liquor. Just lucky I guess. Comedy!

  5. I think with the greater success in the last year he has mellowed the drinking more so. I think he plays it up as part of his shtick . Don’t get me wrong definitely still indulging but, keeping it more in check.

  6. I hope this poor woman gets PAID and doesn’t have to deal with this bullshit school anymore

  7. To each there own but I do not care for industrial , hard rock / alternative rock at all . Sad to see bands you really like change so drastically that you straight up won’t listen to their newer music. Trash Boat , Boston Manor, Trophy eyes , a day to remember all come to mind.

  8. Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, and Counterparts are the masters of this combo

  9. It’s almost as though we live in a completely fraudulent corrupt system driven by greed

  10. Go heavier perhaps. Title fight, hot water music, balance and composure then to melodic hardcore like Counterparts, every time I die, misery signals

  11. For the love of all things fucking holy please let this man stop having to wake up at these ungodly hours . MOASS tomorrow!

  12. Ian Fike has a new band called Unarmed, that recently put out a couple singles with a similar mid tempo melodic rock/ punk sound. The other members are from other PDX bands, including Brian Blade from the OG It Prevails album on guitar. I don’t know what he’s doing with Take Shape though.

  13. “But the world needs my kid! How else are we going to off set all the shitty people being born if we don’t release our little angel into existence ?”

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