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  1. Iflg Tinder så er 70% med de profil i Rogaland asiatiske…

  2. Hah, ja dær sier du noe. Det meste man ser dær er det samme om og om igjen. Jeg tiltrekkes mere av damer som I guess i sosialsyn er "styggere" (ihvertfall gjør venner narr av meg for å sveipe på de jeg sveiper). I suppose det kanskje er fordi jeg finner de til å ha mye mer personlighet i seg. Too bad de ikke tiltrekkes mye av meg.

  3. Per the article a passerby saw lights on and walked in and that's when they were seen. Door was unlocked

  4. No, the article dosen say walked inside. it says "looked" inside. I understood that as peeping through the windows, but I guess it can be understood either of the ways and tge article isnt clear on the how. Nonetheless, it's still stupid af.

  5. Multiple articles on this subject. This happened in 2020. The charges of indecent exposure ended up being dropped even

  6. Oh great, hadn't seen any other articles, but ut's good the charges were dropped. I still find it stupid it was considered in the first place though.

  7. Yes that's something that I've noticed a lot earlier as well. Conservatives just seem to miss the ability to put themselves into someone else's shoes. They're literally incapable of imagining themselves in a different situation than the one they're currently in. It's so bizzare. Like they're missing a part of the brain. I once heard my conservative sister say that we should ignore covid and all immuno compromised individuals should just never leave their home because it's their problem. I asked her if she'd feel the same way I'd she was immuno compromised. Her response? "But I'm not so whats your point".

  8. Curious non-American here. What did the left say about bailouts?

  9. Man. Dont fucking answer for her. in the post she says on and off tinder for 7 years, like with year long breaks and shit. She also makes that very clear in the comments. She doesen't say on and off relationship with guy for 15 years. At no point does she say that. I suspect she didnt properly read the above comment and said "I was" as in "I was dating a guy for 15 years".

  10. Now I’m curious how many people actually say cuddle and expect to cuddle…though I find cuddling with a stranger weirder than having sex.

  11. I do that. Well I dont usually ask for cuddle prior to meeting up, but if we vibing Im often good with just cuddling.

  12. You, my friend, are becoming jaded. Dating in volume will do that to you if you don’t focus on meaningful connections

  13. Yeah but hockey is cooler cause sometimes the dudes beat the shit out of each other and then have to sit in the naughty box. I’d watch soccer if there were more fights between the players.

  14. Where’s the fun in that?! I want spontaneous violence!!

  15. Fair enough, bit more exciting when it's unexpected I suppose

  16. I get called rude sounding for using grammar. That's the modern take on it, using punctuation and grammar send a tone of "being rude" I had no idea writing correctly was a sin.

  17. From my understanding it's not so much that it sounds rude, but rather that one sounds arrogant which in turn can be understood as rude.

  18. OP clarified themselves that they are female and it got them a date.

  19. If someone asks your height you should immediately challenge them to a limbo contest and embarrass them mercilessly.

  20. Not talking about my dick here, but I'm a pretty stiff guy. What do I do if I suck at limbo?

  21. Oh man, the Norwegian hikers were my favourite. I used to live there so it was every second swipe. Every fifth swipe was skydiving.

  22. Where in Norway is this? I live in Norway and never once seen a skydiver

  23. No, I think there’s nothing but I read one steam review that said something like that and when I ended the dlc didn’t see anything related.

  24. I don't know the exact procedure, but you're able to revoke the right to your biological child when they haven't been born yet. (For example if your GF is getting a baby that you don't want but doesn't want an abortion. You can revoke your rights to being the father of the child and receive no consequences of it)

  25. Currently some nice amnesia, mixed with a little amber leaf. But back on topic, yes, trying to change the fundamental nature of biology and gender is as radical as it comes really. If you're talking in political terms then it's the same, trying to change the established and accepted standard, that's existed since time began, is also extremely radical. Explain how it's radical to not agree with something that is relatively new, and completely opposite to everything currently understood and accepted about biology and genetics..

  26. I'll actually have to agree. Radical means looking at something at the roots to see it in a new way. With trans being a new concept, we have had to review what gender actually means to us. It's per definition a radical view.

  27. "my husband and I" on its own cannot be wrong or right, as it depends on the context.

  28. Everything you're saying is spot on, but that last sentence I am not sure. Seems to me it's very common to say "Me and my husband". It's just a bit informal is all, but informal dosen't make a wrong.

  29. if you check carefully i deliberately didn't call it wrong or incorrect. naming yourself last is more of a politeness and respectfulness thing i think.

  30. I know you didnt say it exactly, just felt implied. My appologies for the misstake.

  31. There are clear spoilers of the ending so I wouldn’t suggest to play it before completing the base game

  32. No it dosen't spoil the ending at all? You can even play through the DLC first thing and it wont really take anything away from the base game at all.

  33. Saw a streamer thinking the exploding things falling on brittle hollow were targeting him directly. He just was so unlucky his ship got blown up soon after he landed and it sticked.

  34. The last one happened to me (i didnt even know of its existance, I only happened to enter by accident because I tried to end a loop early by killing myself on the bonfire while I had been carrying around the artifact without knowing what to do with it). I never found the dying annoying though. To me it made perfect sense, you always end up back. Also it just made me want to be more careful.

  35. Being alive is a rare opoortunity and should be experienced at your own pace and with your full attention at every waking moment. Taking the time to write a reply to what you deem an absolutely rediculously stupid comment on reddit kinda ruins the immersion...

  36. Im not sure if you realise this, but at this point you're actually just taunting yourself...

  37. Outer Wilds is a game that should be experienced at your own pace and with your full attention. Pausing the game to post a screenshot on reddit and talk about it kinda ruins the immersion…

  38. Being alive is a rare opportunity and should be experienced at your own pace and with your full attention at every waking moment. Taking the time to write an absolutely rediculously stupid comment on reddit to tell someone else how to experience theirs (especially when what they do dosent actually take away from their experience, since they didnt ask for spoilers) kinda ruins the immersion...

  39. Benevolent misogyny implies that we are looking out for these there is a reason to worry?

  40. Do you feel it makes a difference if we switch the genders? I hooked up with 35 year old women (one of them was even divorced with kids) who would run off to their friends bragging to them how they were able to land a night with a 24yr/old because "omg he's so young and handsome and we so old and lost our youthful beauty" or so they think anyways.

  41. I think that situation does make a difference, but not because your age.

  42. Not sure what you mean about the kids woman. I dont think her having kids makes it any worse. An oopsie is still just as bad even if she didnt already have kids. Plus, do you need any sculpting in the booty call anyway though? only thing the woman needs to do is somehow convince the guy not to wear the condoms.

  43. Okay, is it creepy for older people to want relationships with young adults as preference?

  44. It's not. As long as everyone involved is an adult and there is no power dilemma involved (like teacher/student, boss/employee etc) then it's fine. Might be a little weird sure, but not wrong necissarily bad or creepy.

  45. Okay, thanks for your clarification. As I'm sure you're aware there would be huge push back of it was a 23 year old woman with a 47 year old man who had a preference for women in thier early 20s for dating.

  46. Ok keeping two conversations on the same topic in two different places is getting a bit ridiculous, so I'll just stop responding in the other one and use this comment chain as the main one.

  47. From my experience. Cashiers give so little fucks what you are buying, it continues to impress me how little they ACTUALLY care. Its like a superpower brought on by soul-demolishing customer service.

  48. I dunno. I once had to buy panties for my gf (now ex). To this day Im pretty sure she had me do it for no other reason than it being hilarious to her to imagine me going to a clothes shop to buy panties alone.

  49. Well if you consider how the universe is infinite, theres probably a cookieman9797 somewhere doing this exact thing. But on earth, youre 1 of 1, brother.

  50. If the universe is infinite, does that mean your existance is inevitable? And if your existance is inevitable, does that mean the people who died at an early age are actually the unlucky ones, not the ones who were never born? Because the ones who were never born, never had time to exist (conciously at least), and so they will always have another chance at life somewhere else in the infinity? After all, their existence inevitable, but it's not inevitable to re-exist. Or is it? Is existance always inevitable? That would mean rebirth exists.

  51. Infinity does not imply that everything will happen. Just that there is enough time for everything to happen.

  52. If we have an infinite string of randomly generated numbers. Then you can give me any possible set of numbers (no matter how large) and it will exist somewhere in that infinite string. Infinity does kind of imply that anything possible is inevitable as long as none of the factors in the possibility has any limit or specified pattern. After all you're multiplying the probability with infinity.

  53. He was having conversation with them perfectly fine. Even if it's from lip reading, he was responding to the guy he wasnt even looking at. He can't do that if he's deaf.

  54. Hey, if you’re Asian when you go into the bathroom, but Australian when you come out, what are while you’re in there…?

  55. I mean, Australians are technically already Asians though.

  56. Im going to be honest here. I dont actually know what your joke was about.

  57. This is my dad. He always jokes at least he will be warm. We are Canadian.

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