1. This might sound a bit odd or even cynical. Most of my life I haven’t been attracted to redheads, as I’m getting older that seems to be changing rather quickly. Now when i say ive never been attracted, I mean to the point where ive never even kissed a natural redhead. I would always avoid them by letting them down easy. Stupid right?? Nowadays, because i feel I’ve sorta missed out on something its like all i want. I NEED ME SOME GINGER! Im genuinely looking forward to my first experience with a redhead, maybe there’s a reason im not aware of yet as to why it’s taken me this long. After all, i hear you guys do it best, well im ready & willing all these years later🤪

  2. One lucky gentleman.. still waiting for my stroke of luck 🍀 have yet to experience an FFM

  3. Damn 😅 that looks quite nice, would jump at the opportunity.

  4. Ever end up closer to desoto county, would love a good show.

  5. Fuuuuuuck that’s hot. You sir, are one lucky gentleman. I applaud you 👏🏼

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