1. just start conversation yourself, too many girls assume we have to entertain them and it's not both ways

  2. I try to remeber my rotation, so when I feel it starts going around me, I do a 360 in an opposite direction

  3. it uses sata for power (as argb header may not handle that much current and burn itself), and argb header for syncing argb

  4. Hey, I am transphopic, racist, flat-earther, anti-vacinne, zoophile, wanna go into the bushes with me?

  5. I have been sticking with an Android a21s for a while, since the summer of 2020, and now the thing looks battered. I was thinking about getting the iPhone 11. Sleek design, good UI and a camera. But now my mother has just suggested to me the Samsung A53. Is the iPhone better in comparison to the Samsung a53?

  6. And you are asking on samsung subreddit. As a samsung fan (but not fanboy, do not worry) I think any of the choices would be solid, depends what ecosystem you like more and for cheap you can get this iPhone and Samsung

  7. I do, but they are not working: completely over written by modes.

  8. But that's not life changing. That solves 5-10 years. Unless you're on your last 5-10 years. In which case.... my bad.

  9. technically, it is life changing as you wouldn't have to work all that time, you could study etc.

  10. it just depends on the game, look into it's settings. It's usually one of the buttons on the left side

  11. this case was used for several builds in my life as it is compact and not just plastic.

  12. 10th as you can see on ccleaner screenshot

  13. I'm actually colourblind and no one has yet told me what it says

  14. I will probably get downvoted, but there is nothing here, I mean literally it's random mosaic with no letters or images hidden

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