1. GRRM always wrote very slowly and switched back and forth between projects in order to keep a fresh interest in what he was writing.

  2. Every Season (and book) of GoT documented people that were injured, murdered, disenfranchised, and otherwise unfairly impacted by Dany's decisions and actions. The unsullied were enslaved by Dany, she just cleverly declared they were free. In truth, if they had risen against her, she could not have stopped them. Her pledge of freedom seduced both the characters and the audience. The Dothraki were ripped from their home and beguiled into fighting a war they did not understand.

  3. Who watches the Watchmen? 200 years from now we may look back in horror at individuals that ate meat, attended the circus, or "owned" pets. They will be monsters. But today they are just Bob or Cho or Latesha.

  4. Yes!!!! SOLVED! Thank you so much!!!

  5. You’re welcome! They’ve got some great songs.

  6. Yes, this one made an impression on me, but I could never remember the band's name or the song. Thank you again!

  7. I really wanted him to be. Season 8 would have been redeemed if Theon had killed the Night King.

  8. This does not clearly sound like harassment to me. Harassment is generally committed by someone who has control over your life. The next element is that they refuse to stop after you ask. And lastly, they threaten by word, deed, or implication life altering consequences for you if you do not service them sexually or otherwise in some way.

  9. The first film would remain exactly the same. The remaining two would be combined into one two hour film.

  10. i was on the fence over whether it should be Jon or Jamie. But I think Jon is a slightly better fit, since he was resurrected and has been fighting the dead for most of the show.

  11. For me, the only rational direction would be to play out Grey Worm's story. The agreement that "satisfied" Grey Worm was that Jon would be "imprisoned" in the Watch, serving out a life sentence, celibate with no property or family to speak of.

  12. Deadwood, Carnivale, and Rome. HBO was run by idiots.

  13. Imagine if the four seasons of Stranger Things were condensed and crammed into only 7 episodes instead. Or any of your favorite, normally paced shows.

  14. Curious as to your reasons why you’d want to be spoiled. I have a buddy who watched a 10-15 low quality clips of one of the recent Star Wars movies before it came out, AND read most of the script somewhere online. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why he didn’t want to sit down on opening night with a huge popcorn to finally watch it unspoiled.

  15. If you have anxiety, sometimes being in the weeds for the twists and turns is not as enjoyable as it is for neurotypical people. Some will even "leave the theater" because it is too, too overwhelming. However, if you have a reasonable knowledge of the material (or even full knowledge), it can be very enjoyable and there is usually enough gentle surprises in how something is staged that it doesn't feel "spoiled". Of course, if you do not have anxiety that is hard to understand.

  16. I am excited. For me, the only rational direction would be to play out Grey Worm's story. The agreement that "satisfied" Grey Worm was that Jon would be "imprisoned" in the Watch, serving out a life sentence, celibate with no property or family to speak of.

  17. Because Allison was powerful enough to step in and save his kids and either kill or restrain him, yet also highly motivated to let him take it up to the last moment of his kid's survival and to actually follow through by hitting the button.

  18. She hit him with scythe anyone of them could have done that and anyone would have stopped Reginald like Allison did.

  19. Anyone could have, but no one else would have delayed to the extent that Allison did. They would have hit him with the scythe immediately. Allison had the promise of her husband and/or child conflicting her. She and Reggie both wanted their spouses back. He trusted she would hesitate.

  20. How did you cancel? I am trying to cancel now and the app and website will not allow a cancelation.

  21. I get to the page that asks for 2 reasons why you want to cancel, and after selecting 2 it won’t let me click on Continue Canceling. The only link that works is Never Mind.

  22. Me too. I had to get customer service to cancel.

  23. My May replacement X and my June Plus are both supposed to arrive today.

  24. It is hard to say goodbye. I debated for a while but then I realized I didn't want to go through another month of obsessively tracking packages. And I reasoned with myself that I can always sign up again.

  25. I could live with tracking packages if a) the package actually arrived in the bag month; b) add ons and points redemption didn't practically guarantee a late bag with missing or substituted product; c) missing or substituted product would be properly replaced; and d) errors would be few and far between, not frequent.

  26. Ebay seems to have no supply chain issues for the current month's bag ever. Guess an industrious Ipsy employee is making sure they get paid! That is my theory.

  27. I received my original bag, I think, and my add on was not in there. They told me my replacement bag would not have the add-on, but they also said I would not have the Sunday Riley and this bag did.

  28. Me. I’m so annoyed at this point. I wrote CS and they told me they sent a replacement but haven’t gotten that either. Haven’t gotten my June glam bag. Honestly, at this point I’m just shitting money out to ipsy for no reason. I’m literally just waiting to receive these items before I cancel altogether. I don’t trust them to actually send what I’ve already paid for if I cancel before I get them. The email about inflation and the price change was just comical. You expect me to pay more when you can’t even deliver your products on time now? No, thank you.

  29. Yes, they are supposed to be sending me a replacement bag.

  30. That’s good they’re sending replacements, bummer had so many issues for may

  31. Same thing happened to me in April 2021. 4 of the 5 items in my bag were replaced. ALL 4 of those replacements were literally repeat items I had received in recent bags. Apparently they do not put any thought or research into replacement items. I complained and they refunded the bag.

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