Indigenous Americans Visiting Mount Rushmore

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  1. I would suggest that Junior Officers, once they make it to O-2 are pretty much the same toward us Mere Enlisted Scum (TM).

  2. I used a single example. I have dozens of stories about arrogantly entitled senior middies and Ensigns from the Academy who mistook college for experience, and ended up getting slapped down by their seniors or juniors before they could do themselves or the ship damage, but I was making a comment, not writing a book.

  3. When I was in, E-4 and below had no personal property allowance, but that might have changed as so many other things have.

  4. It changed before I joined in 1994. I got a paid move as an E2.

  5. Good, not being able to always struck me as unfair.

  6. Because 'Donald Trump' is too hard to spell

  7. You should be ashamed of that joke. Have an award.

  8. If her relationships can only last 2.4 months then she is not a good partner.

  9. Or she's attracted to guys who don't hang around. It takes two to hit it and quit it.

  10. Then she has bad taste in men which means I will want to avoid her even more.

  11. Avoiding a woman who is interested in you because she has bad taste in men, is a bit telling.

  12. Restraining orders, she has a Husband, she has a Wife, she pulls a large bloody knife out of your chest, only to reinsert it, just so many things.

  13. A photo of three people standing in front of Mount Rushmore with their middle fingers held high in the air toward the famous monument has been circulating online, and as might be expected, it is causing quite a stir among people who are outraged by what has been described as "unpatriotic" behavior.

  14. I’m not talking about whether people hit other people for words. Of course they do. But it’s not legal to hit someone because you were insulted.

  15. It is also not legal to incite violence through your speech. So, if you go to a biker bar, talk loudly about how Harley riders are bitches, and get your ass kicked as a natural result of your stupidity, you committed a crime, first.

  16. I don’t think that’s inciting violence. You’re right that inciting violence is a crime, but that’s not it

  17. Hydrometer. For measuring some characteristics of a liquid, such as its density (weight per unit volume) or specific gravity (weight per unit volume compared with water).

  18. On a Submarine, a member of the O-Gang, other than the CO and XO (and sometimes Chop if he's cool) entering the Crew's mess during a meal will hear a chorus of "CREW'S MESS!" to signify how welcome you are.

  19. Never saw an escort, and since my underway watch station was contact coordinator in what laughingly passed for a CIC on a pair of tenders, if a surface ship was shadowing us it was way outside our range.

  20. As long as you don't try to solder on a lithium cell.

  21. We had these things called 'maps' and 'street signs'.

  22. I used paper tape on a teletype in high school. had to dial the pdp at a community college. one of the first programs I wrote was in basic and I used it to write any message onto the paper tape using block letters. the IBM card punch didn't show up until college. I still have a tin cookie can with my paper tape programs. it is a very stable storage medium as long as it doesn't get too wet and can be waterproofed if necessary.

  23. Used Paper tape when I was in the Navy, our master programs were on mylar tape, would dup them to paper tape prior to patrol.

  24. Toward the end of the floppy era, did anyone else get one of the superdisk drives? Would read/write standard 1.44mb 3.5" floppies but would also use special floppies that held 120mb. Those were awesome, getting drivers compiled to make it work on red hat 6 was even more fun

  25. I bought a superdrive... and never found any of the 120mb disks.

  26. Yeah, no. I'm not going to say it won't happen, but the chances that it does is only slightly better than the chances of your being meritoriously advanced to Chief of Naval Operations while still in DEP.

  27. The tricky part will be getting the saddles on.

  28. If you're riding your beef, you're doing it wrong.

  29. It make perfect sense if you read just the question… let me make it easier to understand. iF i NeEd MoRe tImE bEfOrE bOoT cAmP aNd I bAcK OuT iN oRdEr To ObTaIn MoRe TiMe CaN I jOiN wHeN iM rEaDy

  30. Wow. That's a real cunt response. My best advice is to drop out of DEP, the fleet will eat you alive. God help you if you somehow luck into an EOD contract.

  31. You guys are way too serious for Reddit 😂😂😂

  32. Walk away now. You don't have what it takes.

  33. Makes it seem all the worlds a sunny day!

  34. I wanna add to this. Not that long ago women wanted to have girls join the Boy Scouts. Not because there wasn’t a local Girl Scouts but just because they considered the Boy Scouts discriminating against women and girls. Keep in mind that both of the Boy and Girl Scouts are basically the same , you have similar merits , badges , honors , activities etc , differences might be just on what each organization decides to focus on. The biggest difference is that it split up the genders/sex cause it’s easier to focus and educate gender/sex at a time . Compared to educating both at the same time .

  35. This. When questions are asked there's a lot of women giving their answers as if the questions was directed towards them, yet, in the Askwomen subreddit you can't comment because it's a space only for women to be in.

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