Hi! We are from Ukraine. We lost our home due the war. Some people from the internet helped us to move to another part of Ukraine where it’s safe. Now me & my 2yo. daughter painted portraits of their pets as gifts in gratitude to their help

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  1. Good I’m glad he didn’t do it. What a wimp and not a man at all.

  2. I literally heard every single line spoken by each actor. Ewww too bad about the actor who plays Buzz he really is disgusting in real life.

  3. Kevin also runs outside and sees the cars in the open garage, so it isnt just a small detail to be clear. Kindof central to his belief that they didnt go to the airport.

  4. Well I feel like since I’ve been on mine it’s worse. I also an anemic and iron deficient so that could also be why in my case. Do you know if you are iron deficient at all OP??

  5. Copying me comment from another post with the same picture as people found it useful.

  6. I literally turned to my girlfriend last night and said well it’s about to be ww3 and then explained what happened. Jesus Christ someone needs to do something about Vlad.

  7. Jill Zarin was my favorite for so long but after the Bethenny feud I just don’t care for her now.

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