1. Yes, I notice it about 10-15 min after puffing

  2. That's fucked up. I didn't realize this was a problem with Certified. Man there's like no standards here. You could pay for regular bud and get smalls or you could buy smalls and get shake. Or you could buy shake and get smalls.

  3. Lol, it's challenging to get what you're after lol. I guess like most things in life, this just takes a little experience

  4. Very true. I do think that with time we will catch up to other states.

  5. So the price sucks. But klutchs live hash rosin gummy 2 packs are fucking fire. Every time I've taken a 50 of 100. I've achieved consistent results, even back to back days.

  6. (tldr yes i eat half of the 2/2 pack, meaning 1/2) Its a 2 pack of gummies of 120 MG of Thc. each gummie is roughly 55 MG of thc. i have yet to eat both gummies in one go. i have found 1 of 55 mg gummies has both the perfect time release. as well as the perfect amount of edible dose. that does not depreciate at the.... im gonna stop typing the tldr is there im high as fuck

  7. Idk. I can't seem to find a rhyme or reason to it. Lemon do si dos anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks on this forum

  8. This was absolute fire! Loved it. Wish every half had this same exact cure. Unfortunately they don't, why?

  9. No I actually bought it on 2-12 and just recently got to it. I keep a few different strains. Contrary to popular belief it doesn't need to be packaged last month to be fresh. This jar was fresh the whole way through. The cure was absolutely perfect on this one!

  10. Why is there such a difference in the cure dates? I posted my baggie last night. Lemon do si dos, 3 month cure. You got lemon do si dos on a 6 week cure. I guess I just don't understand what buckeye is doing

  11. Each cut is different so it might have more moisture than another cut of the same plant. I did hear they remove the oxygen and add nitrogen to help the cure for bud in bags. Maybe they let it cure longer in the bags?

  12. Seems like almost all are it’s hard to find that true indica for me.

  13. Not to just steer you toward one supplier, but lemon do si dos, kings mustache, and garlic breath 2.0 are pretty legit India effects

  14. So more than likely, since they don't use pesticides, they have some sort of overhead bug zapping/sticking system and maybe a fly zapped/struggled one of his wings off which cascaded gently onto your bud where it immediately stuck due to the extremely resinous buds that Meigs is known for

  15. He got ripped, cut him some slack. We all been burned by RC before lol. Makes you wanna post non-stop 😆

  16. Thank you for listing the terpenes! I'm allergic to one so this really helps!

  17. I get 2.5’s of this for like $109 out the door 🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. I only cop on patient appreciation days at the Firelands dispo. not the best rosin I’ve ever had but def not trash if the dispo stores it correctly. maybe my experience has been good bc I only buy directly from Firelands? idk.

  19. Of all the firelands rosins you have tried... where does this one rank? Which is the absolute best?

  20. Do we even have it in our program?

  21. Buckeye is where it's at for good bud. To me, they consistently put out quality shit. The others are always too expensive for the quality of their product

  22. Don’t go after Klutch you may deeply offend someone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. I have not gone after anybody. I'm just simply saying that klutch grows using pesticides. Common knowledge. Why everybody is upset is beyond me

  24. I’m not upset I’ve just seen where this goes when someone says something about Klutch lol it ends up being a great read

  25. I was not implying that you are upset, but I know somebody will be lol. I made a comment about woodward the other day lol. Got some fanboys riled up really good lol

  26. RSO is gonna fuck your tolerance. You will accomplish your mission but your tolerance will go up lol. After a week of RSO I could no longer enjoy a bubbler like I used to. Just my experience. Good luck

  27. Herbology carries that shit. ALWAYS on the kill list. Never tried it 🤷‍♂️

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