1. Of course they wont, unless they have total control over it. I want to hope they eventually will, but this seems to be slipping further and further away as time goes.

  2. Topic can be answered simply: If the movie rights stays at Constantin, it will not happen. It's not in Constantins Agenda to create a faithful adaption but movies and series for the mass market. They made billions in revenue with the Alice-Movies and Capcom made a lot of profit thanks to that. But it has become interesting. Constantin is searching for a legacy of the Alice-Movies and so far, they haven't found a working formula. Welcome to Raccoon City and the Netflix-Series both bombed hard and that will be a problem if this continues with further adaptions.

  3. Wait hold on, i didnt realise that but both the dumpster fires that were RC and the tv serie were also Constantin made? That explains a lot if thats the case

  4. Metro 2033 Last Light. There isnt a single thing i dont like about this game, which is a very rare feat.

  5. Good old classic. Is it still in effect or did they finally remove that?

  6. Last I checked it's not only still in-effect but the automated punishment got worse than just a 7-day chat timeout.

  7. Wow...they really cant let that one go, considering its become a staple of GloChat :(

  8. I wanted this more than the other girls. But I can only get the blue one 😅

  9. I found mine on HLJ, give it a shot. I was surprised as well tbh to find one, especially Daisy!

  10. Ah unfortunately importing is a no no for me. The shipment, customs and tax makes it really hard to justify most purchases.

  11. Aw man, that sucks :( I know the feeling, some of my import fees whenever i order kits really hurt as well, especially on larger orders. Fingers crossed you manage to find one by chance. Its a gamble, but try to ask your local model store, who knows maybe they may be able to get them.

  12. well after 13 tries at least :p Cadia stands!

  13. And messed up the galaxy so badly that it echoed back in time through the warp, causing modern day humans to associate the number 13 with bad luck

  14. Its all part of the plan, obviously.

  15. I mean, if I had a goddamn nickel for every time a sweet-looking little black girl watering flowers turned out to be the front man for a home invasion…. Well, I think you know where I’m going with this…

  16. What phicen body model did you use in this?

  17. Had to dig around a bit in my orders but

  18. I havent played that one, is it worth picking up? It seemed like D°°M, but 40k basically

  19. Necromunda is a very unpolished game. It's fun, but I would say wait for a sale. It's worth it for the level design and atmosphere, but the actual gameplay is very hit-or-miss, and it severely lacks polish.

  20. Sounds like the same problem the Hive Wars one had. Its technically good, but could've been fantastic with a few more months of work on it.

  21. There is a battleship being built in the background of level where you attack the train at the end, not the one where you get the ammo.

  22. I loved that detail when i spotted it. Shows you the real horrific scale of the Hive when even a corvette escort ship is dwarfed by the buildings around it

  23. It took me out a bit, but one of the best lines I've heard a Medicae say was "Please... take me with you?"

  24. Its part of the setting i think. We as citizens are told theyre 100% braindead fax machines, but clearly its an Imperial lie to keep us docile.

  25. Surprised to see Asagi in the middle tbh... i mean i know theres way bustier ninjas out there but mid-tier?

  26. America solving problems be like: "Cant have a high cost when you dont have health care"

  27. That's literally just a standard starter, on top of it was FRESH toilet paper so no harm no foul. Now if it was used on the other hand, then I understand the hate.

  28. If you can grow mushrooms out of your hand, i got some bad news for you buddy...

  29. Pretty sure you're one of the rare exceptions where everything is perfect for and on you.

  30. Honestly still surprised they launched the game together with Witch of Mercury and then they don't put Aerial or any other WoM MS in the game

  31. That or at least announcers, you know? Have the characters of Witch' do the match starts etc instead of the generic AI/Hangar Contact.

  32. Honestly i'd love to see the Polypod Ball, it would be weird in gameplay terms because of size but so awesome because of its uniqueness.

  33. I mean, they need a laser pointer on their guns after all.

  34. You’re what people practice on before fucking actual dead bodies

  35. Pretty sure some dead bodies are warmer than her...

  36. "Well actually, Cato Sicarius isnt as prolific as he pretends to be. He's even mediocre at best but he'll never admit it."

  37. MY boy Mahiroo just got boosted, this is a fine day <3<

  38. going to take a guess and say its AI. Some things are a bit weird, like the belt loops on her pants, the zipper, her hair looks "painted" in some parts and how nearly perfectly symmetrical her face is.

  39. Anyone notice how apparently Dom has a shield now?

  40. A recent one for me was simply cleaning a clogged drain on my bathroom sink. Turns out all i had to do was unscrew the stupid U-joint, rinse it out and put it back.

  41. I usually screw my wood into things, not the other way round...

  42. Oh you mean something like...idk.. Outbreak 3?

  43. I think what bothers me the most in my mind, is that they do this silently and in a near-feral coordination. Reminds me of the nazi ghost/zombies in Outpost that just move and act in deathly silence.

  44. Dark eldar degenerates, hated by their peers because theyre into handholding and cuddling. All described in the most vile fashion from the perspective of an Archon or a "Bad vibe" commitee of coven leaders.

  45. Same, on PC. Freeze at start and one freeze on log out some 30min later.

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