1. me with both depression and anxiety plus sleeping issues: yeah it’s probably fine

  2. You know, you walk out the door, you see someone that you know and they ask you how you are and you have to say that you are fine when you are not really fine but you just can't get into it because they would never understand.

  3. probably 50% real-estate investment (doesn't hurt to have a roof over your head) and 50% (hope my wife doesn't see this) Bitcoin.

  4. Really hope your wife doesn't see it also, 50% is not worth the risk in bitcoin right now. On the other hand, real estate would give you a more stable a secured ROI. sites like Yealdstreet or Hedonova give you even more options to invest in other alternatives like equipment without you actually physically owning the equipment. Or maybe just give it all to your wife :)

  5. Any good news at the moment is welcome so it’s nice to see that projects are still trying.

  6. It's a bloody site that rips you off. Everything you do is charged, and this is somewhat unusual and freaks me out. It seems that they read your messages because if you include your contact details in your messages when you chat, the person doesn't see it or view it, and then my sister got an email that she cannot exchange contact details on that platform. It means they read the message. So they are going to push you to use the site on everything until you don't have any pennies left to buy credits and most of the profiles are fake. They are connected to this site to lure desperate people hoping to find love.

  7. I used to use IBKR and FlowAlgo and was paying around $400/m for the extra tools before switching to Trade Aries, which made a lot of sense because they provide free charting and options flow tools.

  8. Gold, Copper, and other mining mineral are safe investments and often attract investors during periods of economic and geopolitical turmoil. So it’s also a yes and a green light for me.

  9. Investing in gold is typically considered a hedge against inflation, as it retains its value while the buying power of fiat currencies erodes. But it becomes less attractive when interest rates rise, as investors do not receive interest or dividend payments for holding gold.

  10. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I will try to post there.

  11. Wireless charging biggest issue is overheating and this CryoBoost tech, with its cooling fan and heat-dissipating tech, keeps your phone cool and running as normal, and at the same time non-stop wireless charging.

  12. What’s the issue? We might also need more information about your website to give you any advice, you might also need to do some more SEO optimization, SEMRush is good for that and if you use the free version only, it might be time to check out the SEMRush premium, works way better.

  13. I only use the free version of SEMRush. I guess I should be making the upgrade then. Thanks.

  14. Minor success is when I'll be making like 70-80k

  15. Seem like yours is planned out well. What stage are you at the moment?

  16. Some deals are better let go early enough before committing too much to it

  17. The jewelleries are worth fortune. Keep improving in your sales

  18. I have tried beefy finance before definitely worth a try

  19. Definitely keep investing. There's no such thing as too much investing in my books. I'd even take it a step further and recommend getting into more ETFs and alternative investments. Don't be scared to dip your toes into ventures you might consider to be out of the norm. I recently started slowly with Hedonova and Masterworks- though these are more managed for you but I enjoy knowing that with using those platforms, it's easier to spread and diversify my portfolio. Also, don't make the same mistake come November, get into putting money in that retirement account before it's too late.

  20. Seems to me like a bunch of clean shaved guys who have traded billions in real estate and on Wall Street coming up with these, don’t feel too confident RE coins will survive.

  21. Yes! I’ve been watching their charts lately for two weeks now and boy I’m hyped.

  22. There’s a dip in their value but their projects are impressive. If they have a project to explore more locations to mine, then their productions will increase for sure and that’s a great copper play.

  23. Been in for a year or so. Long hold, but I think this shit will rocket in the future.

  24. Would you accept payment in face value 100 trillion notes from Zimbabwe? Why or why not?

  25. Might be late but I see Anker has a 3D printer coming out. What are your thoughts on Anker stepping into the 3D printing scene? and do you think it'll live up to the hype?

  26. I've checked out the kickstarter campaign and it seems to be going pretty well. I see they’ve reached their 5M stretch goal and they’ve added an extra metal hotend kit for their backers plus there’s free shipping now when you back with the $629 stretch goal special so pretty impressive, I'd say. I wonder what’s next because they’re close to 7M now so if anyone’s been thinking of backing, now’s probably the time. I guess that's the main attraction with kickstarters, the people who back receive the most perks.

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