PDF of every Pokémon printed

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  1. Do I look like I know what a perler bead is? I just want a picture of a god dang hot dog

  2. Oooh, which shoppers is that? I live at Toronto and the ones I usually go to is at Fairview and the one recently just started putting up Pops, it’s as Centerpoint mall

  3. I’m in Gander Newfoundland. I got all but one of the new Stranger Things wave today.

  4. Ooo, that must be soo nice 🥹🥹, Toys R Us are having an amazing sale for their black Friday deals, I went today and majority of the pops are $10 each

  5. My toys r us has the largest selection in my province but nothing worth buying. 😡

  6. So…. Can she grab her own heart and yank it out like some mortal kombat fatality shit? Asking for a friend.

  7. Only at Costco? Are they coming to Canada?

  8. I used to stack 8 high all with protectors for a few years and never thought twice about it. When I took them down to pack I noticed that on 10-15 of them, there was creasing going on, some on the back of the box, some on the sides as well. To be safe I wouldn't stack more then 4, 5 at most. Everyone will have different luck with these things but I will play it safer in the future and stack less.

  9. I will definitely do that and keep my stacking at 4 or less. Thank you.

  10. I was pretty bummed, I always check my boxes out when purchasing from stores to get "the best looking one" so I know these creases were not there when they were purchased.

  11. Unless I’m mistaken he only did cover art for the first issue

  12. What? No way. This is the worst news I’ve heard this week. That sucks. But thank you for the information

  13. I’ve had luck on Amazon in the past since the ones I’ve ordered there come with box protectors. Certainly never dealt with this!

  14. I’ve ordered many from Amazon. A while ago they used to come damaged. Lately they are packed into a snug box with Funko name and logo printed in the box. And than that box into a larger box.

  15. Edges are clean and not thick cut. Bottom has the grey box in the middle. Pop logo looks legit.

  16. I feel stupid. I’m sorry. What is the m/d/y? I assume the 21 is year. But what month and day? I just wanna make sure it’s not a fake pop. Thanks in advance

  17. Ive bought a few dozen pops from them. Usually, pop comes in perfect shape. I've never had mine ship in a bag but I know it happens a lot with them to other collectors. Your safest bet (assuming your buying in stock pops) is to purchase at least a couple of pops at a time. That should eliminate the possible bag issues. Best of luck

  18. Was planning on ordering several in the same order. Some available to ship immediately while others not for a few weeks.

  19. When I ordered some funko from them they came wrapped extremely well. My girlfriend had the same experience. Would totally order from them again.

  20. Probably some secret meaning by Funko. I don't see it being random and that is not sun-faded.

  21. I didn’t think so either. The box is perfect, no color loss or anything.

  22. I have an Alakazam (Pokémon) with 2 right arms. I must be sitting on a goldmine

  23. Bruh taking pic of whatever this camera can take a pic of. Something really far away I assume. I don’t know nothing bout no cameras.

  24. Nice selection. My Walmart had “Hamilton” and “Hamilton” and if your lucky you will get the occasional “Hamilton”

  25. Is the evil queen rare? I just left Walmart with like 3 on the shelf.. go back and buy one?

  26. You’re going to be able to flip these for some big moolah. At least for MSRP!

  27. This is good news… I guess. I’m not planing on selling these though. I was just wondering the value.

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