1. I dont live in Dayton, I live in a much MUCH nicer area. Thank god! And I'm not even religious... So no tears here, just a happy realization that you gotta suffer through it though 😛

  2. This was pushed onto my page by reddit. So I guess they want me here.

  3. It's pretty disgusting how the prices differ. I can understand if the item is about to be outdated but often it's the same batch and even though not this big of a discrepancy, it's usually enough of a difference between two dispensaries to make me wonder how this crap show is ran.

  4. It definitely doesn't work like a normal fridge, more just keeps stuff "cool". Its built for a few sodas, works great to keep my stuff nice and ready without sitting out in this heat.

  5. I got one from Walmart not long ago for $15. Like you said, it just chills stuff but definitely great for concentrates. Not too cold at all

  6. You just keep your scale separate and if you ever did run into problems it’s a JEWELERY scale

  7. You do realize they can make you prove it, right? Like the idea is good but im sure they'll know from the car when it's not Mercedes or BMW that they are not a jewelry dealer lol and no, cops won't believe you have a scale for jewelry for fun.... Especially when you look high and drive a 96 Ford Taurus (not you personally, whoever is pulled over)

  8. I see MAGA dipshits at the dispensary constantly. Who the FUCK do they think made it illegal?? And who the FUCK do they think made it so corrupt in this state???? Jesus fuck.

  9. Rants and tears like yours make me laugh. Such one sided thinking is what divides people but im guessing you're the type that is ok with that. Well from your side anyways, you'd rage if you hear anything from people you don't like. I know I'm right.

  10. You’re an idiot and your entire existence is a parody. You make the entire world laugh. Try acting with some civility and decorum, like a true American.

  11. Was that an insult? Oh I'm so hurt. I dont know how I'll survive... 🤔. Such originality too, my goodness. I bet your mom is so proud of you huh 😉. What's funny is you're too dumb to see the hypocrisy in your own statement but think you're clever. I can see why you vote based solely on weed, it's all you got in life, sadly 😕

  12. I think the only vapes I've even gotten recently are O43, ICC and SLH. They cover me on all fronts, but like you currently I got the O43 in and enjoying it.

  13. Next time don't call one then, just get an Uber or a buddy and see how well you do.... Ambulances are great but they aren't mobile hospital's. They have basic items to keep you alive until they get you to a hospital, that's their job, that's it, nothing else.

  14. Split vanilla puts me to sleep hard lol. I usually do a couple dabs at a time and I’m fine but the old rosin here puts me in my place tolerance wise 😂

  15. Had the split vanilla once but I was testing it with others so I never got a good feel for it by itself. I definitely wanna try a tub of that next.

  16. Forgot to say, best part was it was about $110 total! Fat boy jar for poor boy price!!

  17. I am not seeing increased prices (as if they aren't too high already), but have seen stock shortage. Sales would be great if the dispos actually have the item in stock that day and not the day after (I'm looking at you Columbia Care-Galenas sale).

  18. CC always pulls product or leaves it off the menu for sale days. I've watched a list of 30 or 40 items for one brand fall to under 15 right before the day ended, the day before the sale so no pre-orders could slip in right after closing. Not just galanes either, lots of different brands. They are also the best at not calling you, letting you come down and wait to tell you a product is missing and try to sell you something else.

  19. CC always pulls product or leaves it off the menu for sale days. I've watched a list of 30 or 40 items for one brand fall to under 15 right before the day ended, the day before the sale so no pre-orders could slip in right after closing. Not just galanes either, lots of different brands. They are also the best at not calling you, letting you come down and wait to tell you a product is missing and try to sell you something else.

  20. So? Just smoke it anyway did you care when you were buying cat hair bags on the street you get what you pay for I bet it was cheap being it was almost expired

  21. You sound like the type to cry to a waitress if your food is not done exactly as you want but here you are telling others to just be happy.... Unless you've never complained about shoddy service in your life and let's be honest, your big mouth probably does this 3 times a week, then you have no right to talk, so take your own advice and stfu but add mine and shove something up your ass too 😘

  22. Super lemon haze as others have said is very good. O43 can go either way as it's labeled sativa but its a hybrid, one of my favorites but not purely sativa. Blueberry cookies from galanas is very up lifting for me but it's a hybrid strain too.

  23. Have you tried whip it? O43 has been my go to, but I tried whip it and really liked it, I have another one waiting to open. Terp/Oci/lim/myr/b-pine

  24. I have tried it. Initially I liked it but something about it just didn't work for me. Very little effects for pain relief or anything. One of the few strains I've ran into that just didn't work for me unfortunately.

  25. remember if you don’t defend the liberals in this chat you will be downvoted lmao

  26. That's true, I vote for who I feel is best. For that reason I've have voted for both democrats and republicans and claim neither side. But in this sub and most of reddit, if you dont agree with democrats they get mad and down vote with a passion instead of valid rebuttal.... Heck look what happened to Elon Musk, he's now a republican cause of how the left went after him. It's crazy, they don't want discuss anything, it's agree with them or REEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  27. Let's be absolutely clear on this matter: it is the Republicans who will hold this up as long as we let them. I don't care if you like FOX News. I don't care if you are a Trump supporter. Maybe this is the one issue that you have had enough of. If it is, vote these guys out. What more needs to be said and done for those of us that still support the old guard. You will never have what you deserve from your tax dollars with these guys in charge. They go against the will of the people, every time and they sell you out!

  28. I won't sell out my state and my kids future for some recreational pot. SORRY but weed isn't a priority when I vote and it isn't for most of Ohio either. I'll vote for who runs the state best, not who will let it burn so we can all get high.

  29. Is the Stambaugh any good? I’ve been tempted to get it (prefer indicas for pain) but always seem to read a lot of poor reviews on it.

  30. Very over hyped from everything I've read. A few people swear by it but most people find it extremely overpriced and nothing special above any other similar strain around.

  31. Is it more like Super lemon haze, lemon dosidos or lemon slushie? Taste wise

  32. If you've had Lemon Tree or Lemon Haze you'll dig it

  33. Yeah I like SLH, I just wonder if the halves are from this same batch and not older. There are no OCL ounces near me.

  34. I like cresco concentrates but found out they all almost always have the same consistency. It's weird, no matter what type you buy, they all look similar.

  35. Seems they do their 2.5s right. Firelands only has about 1000 mg thc in their 2.5s (lil above 1000 since I've been seeing them) and after having some Qush 12 in its .84 form and 2.5 and same with split vanilla, it's clear there is a difference and of course the higher thc version is much more potent. When you get 580 mg in that smaller amount 2.5 SHOULD HAVE 1700-1900 MGs like AR did here. Not sure if Firelands has always done them that low for as long as ive seen but I haven't been doing concentrates for long so it could be new as far as I know.

  36. The lower mg are a result of a recent rule change. Multi day units used to have to be in multiples of 590mg for oil and concentrates. So a two day had to be 1180mg, three day had to be 1770mg, etc. With the rule change, they now allow anything from 591-1180 mg to be considered two day, 1181-1770mg for three days, etc. Taking away our medication, and making money for the cultivators. We need to pay attention to mg, and try to only purchase maximum daily allowance.

  37. Maybe i dont understand but Firelands 2.5s were 3 days, same with AR 2.5s. Both were same weights, just one is much lower thc, but they both count against our days the same. Again, I might not be understanding how you're explaining it, lol, I just dont see the difference between the two companies at the same weight with different thc levels.

  38. You can also recharge boveda, not sure about the other. But you do got to be careful. You can add too much moisture back to boveda, cause the pack to swell and therfore release too much moisture out until it loses the excess amount.

  39. Yeah… tried that before. I over-recharged a batch before that caused one to make some flower too moist, and then caused the rest of the packs to grow mold. I was using distilled water. 😂

  40. I sat them in a small bowl inside a larger bowl with a lid. Kinda like on a boat, but I left them there for 4 days or so, put them in some flower and yikes, waaaaayyyy to moist like you said, lol. I left them out in the open for a few days after that to let them reduce in size and swelling.

  41. I got the bubbler but honestly I never use it, but lots of others do. Just the normal curved piece for me. But buy extra weed capsules/containers. I've yet to need to clean mine out, albeit I don't use it a ton, it's still very clean inside the chamber.

  42. Hoping it can withstand daily use. Had lookah ice cream that worked fairly well but the mouth piece couldn’t hold up on multiple daily uses. Obviously this isn’t a higher end vape but hoping it does the trick for a bit. Has some great reviews.

  43. Oh. I'm positive it can do daily use. I just dont favor the taste of vaped weed. You're good to go for high daily use.

  44. Not always. They almost got me one day during a sale and a few weeks later I heard somebody else correct their pricing. It's no biggie but so far every dispensary I've went too have screwed up the end price and had to go back over it, so I just do the math first.

  45. Try iheartjane and switch zipcodes around if you can't find it close. That's what I do and usually get good results. Found halves of galenas BB cookies not long ago for about 100 each that way.

  46. They were never better than 510s anyway, only in ohio, gotta use cheap proprietary batteries without voltage control, there are plenty of small 510 batteries.

  47. Well it was part of the same sentence where you were talking about lusters.. You put a comma, hence why it seemed like a continuation of your statement about them and not of the entire sub as a whole. If I misread it my bad, I do agree in general there is a hype train people tend to follow.

  48. I gotcha. That's why I explained why I said what I said, so we both were clear. No biggie, super easy to misunderstand stuff here.

  49. I'm aware it's only one coil. But one side could not absorbing properly. It's not rocket science.

  50. Both holes lead to the same coil though, thats why it wouldn't matter. It's one coil and wick for both holes so it was just laid unevenly and put upright with most of the oil going to one side and not the other. Live resin moves so much easier too so it can happen quickly.

  51. You realize how many people quality for the veteran discount and all they did was finish basic training and got discharged?

  52. This is a medical program currently.... Does any pharmacist get discounts in any form from a pharmacy? I would totally agree with whatever if we had a recreational part, but its very dumb to give discounts to some people simply because they work around it when others, many others, are in more need for help. I think it's dumb we have to pay at all honestly for a right to use medicine thats already very overpriced, but we can't pick and chose who gets better deals with a medical program. That's my gripe

  53. I'm sure many pharmacies give discounts to their employees in some way. May not be on medication, but if they get 10% off other merchandise in the store. It's not like they are getting discounted on the marijuana itself.

  54. Pharmacists and dispensary workers both pick their jobs. Picking a lower paying job doesn't give you the right to have stuff cheaper than others.

  55. Cresco already puts numbers on the jar directly, At least the thc% and strain. i can pm you a pic of my jar if you'd like. So it literally is just a waste of packaging.

  56. No, lol, I believe you, but no jars ive bought from them have anything like that on it. How old are the jars if I may ask?

  57. I got it a few weeks ago, Now realizing The cresco i have is from michigan, Could be different.

  58. Ahh ok. Yeah I have no issue with less packaging, I was just looking at it on the side that they could do alot worse but im all for doing with less packaging. I just usually look upon paper waste in small amounts as justified in comparison to plastic or other things that don't erode or whatnot. I wasn't trying to justify their usage though, my bad if I came off that way.

  59. Being poor basically. Gotta have a low enough income that the government feels bad for you and gives you a discount for this incredibly expensive meds that should be priced MUCH lower for all patients from the start. Basically it's a way to extract more money from low-income people by making them think they are getting a deal. It's a scummy way to bleed a turnip...

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