my AAP-01 carbine

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  1. I worked at a daycare. You can’t just treat the kid. You have to treat all fabric surfaces-bedding clothes, stuffed animals. It’s a huge amount of work. You can’t get rid of lice without the parents and schools working together, especially in the youngest grades.

  2. I think I just learned that a generous layer of mayonnaise over every surface in the house is the best course of action.

  3. He's a serial killer so that's the positive result

  4. Food borne illness ensues aka food poisoning. This could begin hours after eating or be delayed by up to two weeks. Symptoms range from mild to debilitating and usually last for 24-48 hours depending on what it is.

  5. The polymer is solid. If they’d make a cheaper version of arp556 with polymer I’d take that. Colored accents are like rgb on a computer. Can look cool for a couple of days, but in the end they do nothing for performance and you can grow tired of them. I have a hicapa gold match, and the gold parts do nothing for me anymore.

  6. I have the 556 polymer bodied version. as someone else stated it's the v2s. It's fantastic.

  7. That soccer team last year or so was 5000-1 odds to win. Most teams have decently high odds considering the unpredictability of a professional league. You don’t need a ton of money to be able to make a solid sum

  8. Sure, but ther lottery can be like 500 million to 1.

  9. Don't need longest odds, put beers on at the start of the season before they're even predicted to win, odds will be fantastic.

  10. There is no need to compound your bets before you cash out your first bet. You just put all your money into the one bet that pays the best.

  11. Damn! This dumb girl goes to sleep with makeup on just to shoot the fake staged video

  12. Lots of females go to bed with makeup on, and then shower in the morning.

  13. I think that's what he's arguing for. Enjoy your cosplay in a cosplay sub and leave this one for gaming g related content.

  14. I've seen that while this is true to a point, once you get above a certain threshold (I believe 125IQ was the number used) intelligence is no longer the driving factor for success and many other things come into play.

  15. Did they get Tim Woods to lead it? Super original idea!

  16. This is really cool, and I love the spare mag holder. Makes it look so much more legit as a carbine.

  17. She could be, but this probably doesn't prove it.

  18. You think suicide is funny? Congrats, you’re a huge piece of shit.

  19. You do realize this is wsb you're posting on right?

  20. I wonder if this gene just reactivates old coding from ancient mammal ancestors (before primates) since most other mammals have furry faces and bodies. Also, in this kid's defense, if you really think about how and where humans grow hair is fucking weird. Top of the head, certain parts of the face, thinly spread across the arms/torso/legs, patch in the pits/crotch. We think sphynx cats and chinese crested's are weird looking when compared to other cats and dogs, but look at every other primate and then look at us. We're fucking weird.

  21. I dunno, apes don't have very hairy faces either for the most part and it would surprise me that we were the one ape that did have a completely hairy face.

  22. Yeah and if my whole body was a beard I wouldn't shave that shit every day either.

  23. And yet here we are on my front page.

  24. All I see are like two schools that could have been built and but instead our inept government left it for this douche to crash.

  25. How do you build two schools out of one helicopter?

  26. Memory is a crazy thing. I distinctly remembered this as "the Hobbits are going to mordor".

  27. Lol. Been there with random old quotes. In this case specifically, it must be easy to recognize that your memory is corrupt.

  28. Yeah super easy... although I've read about times where people think otherwise. There was a flash memory experiment done where people wrote down their experiences during and immediately following the events of 9/11/2001. Years later people would make statements that contradicted their earlier statements because their memories had become corrupted. Some people were sure that the document had been altered in some way because they knew with certainty that it went down the way they remembered it.

  29. I used to work at a granite countertop place, and the owner told me that the quartz (basically pulverized granite held together with resin) countertops were flammable. But I was not to tell that to customers.

  30. First Google result: Uncured resins are indeed flammable and need to be handled with caution and care. However, once epoxy resin is cured, it is no longer flammable and is instead fire resistant

  31. I never noticed him carrying his own foam finger before.

  32. A joke is only funny if everyone is laughing. They are lazy and mean.

  33. As with all forms of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone will never agree on what is and isn't funny.

  34. Really which is the "one" you think juiced? Because as an 80s kid I can tell you that McGuire and bonds both obviously did.

  35. "The one" that you mentioned who is actually in the 700 club.

  36. Honesty dude what are you doing calling things gay in 2022? We are like at least a decade past when it was commonly accepted.

  37. Showing my penis online is well worth $1,000,000. I’m so humiliated in my my new mansion 😢😢

  38. where you bros getting mansions for a mil these days?

  39. I couldn't do what he's doing, and I definitely wouldn't want to.

  40. As a now half mosquito I shall infiltrate their colonies and destroy them from within

  41. Can I give you my address to start here please?

  42. Oh yeah, he is very talented and highly professional. It's a fallacy to think however, that luck has nothing to do with it. It very much does. If you ask him he will tell you how he was in the right place at the right time a number of times.

  43. There is always an element of luck in all success stories. There is however a part of that luck that is made by putting yourself in a position to actually get lucky breaks. To be ready willing and able to capitalize on those lucky breaks. While there will be many who get opportunities to be lucky, there will be many more who never TAKE those opportunities.

  44. Oh I absolutely, 100% agree with you. You have to work hard to get to where an opportunity can be presented to you.

  45. Cool I just saved it to watch later, thanks!

  46. She's an in-great anyways. What she doesn't like pepperoni or somthing?

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