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  1. unacademy ne kya kia bhai, top kota teachers he usme an fees bi affordable he.

  2. 2012 topper Arpit is still with Tower Research & not laid off by Facebook as he umm never worked there Actually none from 2010-2013 toppers are/were with Facebook in the first place

  3. I get it but bhai itna paisa hone ke baad jee kyu prepare kar rhe ho?

  4. Yeah c'mon don't be a meow meow meow and turn it off

  5. NSFW is not always about erotic stuff, and I think you don't have enough control over yourself if you need to have it turned off

  6. Maybe right but u can always decrease the chances with Turning it off

  7. It's just the oil which binds us to the Middle East. I hope in future we would not have to link with them for anything and be using green resources or nuclear power to run our country.

  8. There are many people out there who have spent $1000s on porn. It’s a sad reality.

  9. If he started chopping Shraddha two days after she died then there shouldn’t have been any blood. Police story doesn’t add up.

  10. Wrong. He said that part correct that probability is 1/10000. This is equal to 0.0001 or 0.01% and not 0.0001% which is where he made the mistake

  11. exactly, but why is OP making such a big deal out of this

  12. Let me clear the confusion bhagvan buddha and gautam buddha are different from each other. Yeah I may sound like an idiot. But I found out this thing on internet.

  13. but I remember mom saying Balram was one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu.. with that it'd be 10

  14. Balram was the Avatar of Shesh Nag (on which Vishnu sleeps) where as his brother Krishna was Avatar of Vishnu. (You may be confused with Parashu Ram who was an Avatar of Vishnu)

  15. You could say that first line about most manga. I like depression porn

  16. Check my comment history, i answered the same question.

  17. prob bc that question can very easily be answered via Google.

  18. oh ok, btw you should probably not use this sub btw since there are spoilers everywhere. I recommend going to

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