1. Does it work? Wouldn't it just blast freezing air up your nose?

  2. Anyone else ready this in the Obi Wan Kenobi voice? Lol

  3. Lol I thought kitty_gangv2 sent you the cd too. Like here's the stuff and here's what you need dtk listen to.

  4. Ally was in an episode of that Netflix prank show, Prank Encounters. I think episode 2 with the lab. It's pretty funny to see them out of CH context.

  5. Scarcity and value do not have to be linked. That's the lie of capitalism. There could be 10,000 rocks Infront of me but the instant I pick one up and call it mine, that rock has value to me. The challenge of a post scarcity society would be to learn to value creations for themselves and not for their market value. In much the same way ai art will eventually devalue all commercial art but never the less creates beautiful works with meaning and energy behind them

  6. Food grade. Medical grade is the purest. I assume industrial grade would be used for engines and shit, I don't think it's good for inhaling.

  7. I think the term hippy crack doesn't help much. I know the substance can be addicting but it really bares no other resemblance to crack in effect, health, method of use, or even aesthetic. It's like calling DMT hippy heroin.

  8. the term hippy crack is a thing because with nitrous canisters u wanna keep doing one after the other and crack is the same like u just wanna keep doing it(not that i’ve tried it or ever will)

  9. Lol just seems like a term used by people who haven't done either drug.

  10. Lol it looks kind of the same. Probably something to do with star wars's western pulp aesthetic.

  11. Foxes are egg hunters, like getting into chicken coops. Which means they are very pragmatic. They prefer to work smart and not hard, going after protein rich foods that can't run away.

  12. You can use normal dispensers. 9 times out of 10 all chargers will fit in all devices.

  13. I kind of doubt this is what they are talking about, but I've always heard the phrase "sleeping on the grass" when you are smoking together and someone holds onto the smoke for too long, instead of passing it around the circle.

  14. I've recently gone back to freebase from hbr. I just like the headspace of freebase better, it feels like hbr never gets me all the way there.

  15. Looks like you've posted an image, please comment on what your post has to do with expanding the mind through psychedelics or the other ways explained in the sidebar or it will be removed. Thanks! Please use

  16. This is art of the psychoactive plant Cannabis done in a psychedelic style.

  17. You're going to need a fiberglass core to make sure it doesn't whip. When I made my glaive, I used a bandshop pole originally for color guard flags. You can get them on marching band supply sites or just search on Google.

  18. I was able to find it. It's called "loons" but all the dudes posts are deleted.

  19. Thank you! I'll probably order one and post a review if you're curious.

  20. It's just "who you want to be." Use whom when you can replace with him/her or when reviving and action.

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