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  2. That's like McDonalds deciding it wants to sell garden furniture.

  3. Except McDonalds is a business brand and Shy is just a username. They can do whatever they want with their username. Yes, they’re still going to get questions about Warframe, but they’re probably prepared for that.

  4. Um… I agree but I’m not sure I’m who you wanted to reply to.

  5. It's a bot. Reddit is currently full of them

  6. Miete, Nahrung, Strom, Wasser, Heizen sind alle permanent teurer und gleichzeitig wird hier im sub regelmäßig gepostet dass das Bürgergeld abgelehnt wird weil die Leute dann 50 Euro mehr Geld bekommen würden?

  7. Ich glaube der Groll liegt nicht ausschließlich in den 50 EUR, sondern es Leuten einfacher zu machen, bewusst auf der faulen Haut zu liegen, ohne Konsequenzen fürchten zu müssen.

  8. Yep! It was the first thing I did when ideology dropped

  9. Well, every time this has happened in history it’s resulted in violent uprising and revolution.

  10. Every time this happened in the past, the rich didn't control 99% of the global media. Or have murder drones, and murder robots.

  11. The highest usage for the latest abyss statistic is Yelan though, at 85.9%. The one with the 59k samples.

  12. I’m so used to hoyo doing that and at this point I’ll take him being at the bare minimum useful, I just don’t want his kit to be done completely dirty.

  13. You're doing it wrong, it's supposed to be:

  14. I’m confident it is the latter. Never known this game to turn down draining wallets. They just introduced pity which is a tempting motivator to whale. I think they are letting people chase Limbo and then slam them with Thanksgiving.

  15. 1.5x means 50% increase, 1x1=1, the default, and 1x1.5=1.5, a 50% increase.

  16. Answer: 1.5 as a percent is 150%.Here, we will express the decimal number 1.5 as a percent.

  17. Looks like you got downvoted and some of your comments got removed. Too bad for you, looks like it's time for you to go back to kindergarten, to learn basic math AND basic friendly behavior, kiddo

  18. Das find ich ja immer die größte Frechheit. So ne tüte Mozarella hat immer für nen Blech Pizza gereicht, mittlerweile sind da 25g weniger drin und die machen sich echt bemerkbar.

  19. Man könnte stattdessen auch einfach 0 Packungen kaufen und wenn genug Leute 'nen Arsch in der Hose hätten und auch mal konsequent solchen Scheiss abstrafen würden, dann würde sich das ganz schnell rumsprechen das solche Methoden Scheisse sind. Leider funktioniert es aber und welchen Anreiz hat ein Unternehmen es dann nicht zu machen?

  20. Das habe ich mit Pistazien gemacht weil die vor 10 Jahren 2 Euro anstatt von 1 Euro kosteten.

  21. Seen a 100 Dredge a week ago already

  22. Damn so busy making popcorn I missed the show

  23. Summary: OP rightfully points out that half the feed for this subreddit consists of 2 writers who spam this sub with links to their fanfics, while using extremely long titles every single time. Half the posts agree that this is an issue.

  24. This is why I purchased a German Tiger Tank to drive my kid to school every day. When any car approaches mine within a range of 20 feet, I automatically aim the Tank Turret at it and blow it up alongside all its passengers. They invaded my safety space.

  25. A couple people on the original thread pointed out that the goat likely is experiencing severe pain in it’s front hooves, likely from lack of proper care, to be doing this. They don’t just do this for fun.

  26. So you are sad it's in the video alive but in great pain, but you are also sad that back in the day they were killed when in great pain? Alive is bad, dead is bad, man that Satan goat ain't getting a break here

  27. Sounds pretty funny that someone went through so much effort to bypass a system instead of working within it

  28. Sounds like standard consequences for doing something wrong. The game isn’t designed to require absolute optimisation, so if you’re built according to mission minimum requirements and you know what the mission is, it comes down to what the player does

  29. I've seen it multiple times that 4 people entered the Archon battle with a mix of stealth frames, tanky frames, and support frames. They used a mix of stuff like the Bramma, the Cedo, and some other random weapons they usually use a lot.

  30. no, fuck allowing combining. They shoudl all just be tauforged ... why is there RNG involved in a weekly quest.

  31. I mean. It did successfully detect NSA hacktools and viruses and removed it. So I would say it's the only state level security suite... Provided you're ok with the risk that the Kremlin might be spoopin on you.

  32. American government is routinely scanning web traffic and activities to find people who are possibly doing illegal stuff.

  33. Why would America searching for illegal activity bother you as much as a rogue state trying to steal your data?

  34. Why would a rogue state trying to steal your data bother you as much as America trying to steal your data?

  35. I'm just sad because I was seriously considering using her outside a team with anemo main DPS, purely for her ludicrous subDPS potential. Guess that's out now.

  36. This is why I don't understand why she's still with him. Soda is a terrible gamer, she needs someone who can help her get even better. I play games every day. I'm a tier 3 sub in her channel. I call out her name every night when I indulge in my lesser needs. It breaks my heart that she will never get together with someone who could appreciate her as much as I do

  37. Well for starters, it’s not safe to be a woman in that country.

  38. i'll have to check it out on depth but more than the technical limitations i would like to know if people would like that kind of stuff

  39. Ok of that entire thing I read "scalding" and "warm" next to each other and took umbrage. Pick one you cretin 😄

  40. Imagine it more vividly, as the boypussy tightly clenches down on the hrothgar dick, knot including, and then this little pink lovetunnel gets flooded with a burst of gooey splooge that feels scalding at first, as it splashes against the sensitive soft flesh, and then becomes more bearably warm shortly after, as more ropes of the thick hrothgar yogurt spill forth.

  41. If her videos were still watched up to today, and her entire channel and her nickname are known for funny Warframe parodies and videos, then... it would be weird to just delete all of it. This was her legacy, and it was also a source of entertainment for literally millions of viewers.

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