Three ducks I hatched!

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  1. And the bun looks like "WOW, SUSAN! Who was THAT??

  2. As a person with neurodermatitis AND anxiety, I can double agree with that.

  3. Same. My first print was a capy too

  4. From experience I can say that fights can happen. (But it doesn't have to happen) They pluck each other's fur out and chase each other. This can be very scary and this behavior can last up to two weeks. But try to stay relaxed. I know how nerve wracking it is to watch rabbits perform these behaviors, but rank fights are normal. The fights are important so that the rabbits can clarify the hierarchy. Please only separate the two if serious injury occurs or there is no break between fights. Every time you separate them in this situation, the bonding starts all over again. The fight just pauses.

  5. Answer: He sleeps very peacefully knowing the job is done.

  6. You're sure it's a bun? Looks more like a ENORMOUS caramel dandelion

  7. Transformed from a cuty pie to a pure LEGEND!

  8. Some rumors say it's a real bun😶

  9. This is what a proud ducklings dad look🦆

  10. Ich sehe das als einen Gewinn. Ich könnt gut Hilfe im Haushalt gebrauchen🤔

  11. UPDATE 3: The rescue let me know that Little Potato did not make it. He passed away on one of the volunteer's lap. The wound was too much for his little body to handle. At least he was loved and cared for on his last day and touched many people.

  12. Vermisse das kleine Festival "DettenRockt" in Emsdetten. Aber im September ist es bald so weit :)

  13. Ohja. Dann passiert hier mal wieder was

  14. Wenn die Luftlinie zählt, würde ich mich gerne auch einklinken

  15. Thank you! Well, poured some clear resin, then put cornflowers in and after it cured I poured some resin with while alcohol dye on top of it.

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