1. Goddamn I would absolutely love to lap you up

  2. I completely agree, and I prefer hands on lessons ;)

  3. Not at all. They taste sweeter ;)

  4. I was doing good, but now I'm doing great ;)

  5. That's so hot. I would love to be around when you do that.

  6. I would love to hear what some of those MILF thoughts are

  7. I'm a Vegas local, and always happy to add some more ;)

  8. mmm that's good because that's the only place I want to finish

  9. Only the best intellectual talent for this masterpiece!

  10. How so? From his perspective she just appears out of no where. It appears that the camera is mounted on top of his helmet, which means his eyes are a good 6" (or more) lower. He didn't see her until she was in front him. Not much he could do about it.

  11. The best way to ring in 2023! Beautiful

  12. First thing in the morning every morning

  13. Let's sneak over behind the barn ;)

  14. Well, Lori, you succeeded! I would love to suck on those nipples

  15. What a perfect pussy. Stay right there. I want to fill you up with my thick cock

  16. There's no way you're 49. Fucking perfect ass!

  17. Ankles on my shoulders pumping her full of cum while I hold her tits.

  18. I definitely want to see more! That ass looks perfect

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