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  1. That was a very big salt throw today. Honestly can't help but think it's the last we'll see of him 🥺 Unless he thinks he can reverse course in 1-2 basho, or decided to hang around for the rest of Teru's era and leave with him?

  2. He's still on the younger side. I'm sure he'll try to get healthier and come back.

  3. Does anyone know if that 14-1 Yusho is enough for asanoyama to get back to makuuchi?

  4. With a few days left, 14-1 looked like a safe bet to get promoted, but Tsurugisho, Mitoryu, and Oho all got hot and clearly saved themselves and Asanoyama should also be a clear 5th in the promotion queue. Looks like he misses out.

  5. Wakatakakage's problem is more that he's TOO consistent and at a level slightly below what's required to become Ozeki. He needs to average about 11 but he's now hit either 8 or 9 wins in 7 of the last 9 basho. Obviously he's very good but to make Ozeki requires either true dominance or a hot streak.

  6. You can still see people hiding in the high areas on some maps if you back up. The wall is less opaque towards the top.

  7. Context might help him: he's a former ozeki who lost rank to injury, with 3 runner up performances the previous year, two of them being playoffs.

  8. I wouldn't rule out an Ozeki promotion after this basho if he's convincing enough, but 10 wins isn't going to do it in this case. I think without 12 wins, the conversation doesn't even start. They like the wins to be building to a crescendo, and it's questionable whether they can even accept an M4W starting point with many non-joi opponents. IF they're desperate enough to consider a promotion due to a lack of Ozeki, he needs to go very big.

  9. Further down the banzuke, there are a few interesting guys to watch...

  10. Correction regarding Hokuseiho; the pullout in his Juryo debut was not Covid-related. He injured his right knee when he was shoved off the dohyo by Tohakuryu, which is why it's been wrapped ever since.

  11. These people who hate on the game clearly haven’t played it. Either that or their brain is running on crack

  12. Yeah, what Aggressive Monetization Mechanics? I came into the game knowing I was never paying, and the game has never really asked me to. There aren't any annoying in-game ads popping up. I've never been made to feel like I was missing out on anything. The option's just there for people who seek it out.

  13. Or rather, it's consistently not called. Nobody loses this way in reality.

  14. My concern is that although he may be "in good shape" and has "just a bit of pain in his neck", it seemed obvious to me and most people that he suffered a concussion. And once you have a concussion, that makes you more prone to concussions.

  15. Just diagnosing from my armchair, I'm as confident as I reasonably can be that he suffered a neck sprain. If so, it could impact his training or even his Hatsu basho performance, depending on the severity, but it shouldn't be a serious issue beyond that.

  16. So...the husband choose midget over her....? That's some fetish there...

  17. If Abi beats Hoshoryu, I agree. If he loses, it might make more sense to match Takayasu with fellow M1 Kotonowaka.

  18. He wasn't kadoban in the examples you gave. The most eyebrow-raising attempt to save him was in his first kadoban basho, May '21. At 6-5 at the time of scheduling, they deviated from his expected match against Terunofuji to give him 5-6 M7W Takarafuji, who he had a 13-3 history against.

  19. I'm having this problem on PC. Nothing seems to fix it. Working fine on iOS at least.

  20. At least starting the commission on a smartphone (instead of a PC, which is the platform I usually play on) let me complete Cliffhanger.

  21. I also used tablet to finally get Gentry Maocai.

  22. The mighty zutsuki that only happened once

  23. There are only 82 official kimarite, but 140 listed in this search. The last page is almost all old data from before kimarite were well-documented and standardized. Zutsuki simply means "butting heads". Possibly a KO win on the tachiai?

  24. Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! is kind of fun. It's extremely arcade-y, so maybe it won't interest you, but hey, it's free.

  25. if cannibar spindle doesn't get a rerun albedo ain't even worth pulling for tbh

  26. What if I have a lvl 90 Cinnabar Spindle and nobody to use it?

  27. Before I clicked in, I didn't look too hard and thought the thumbnail was Flik Skyshiv, so how about that? Imagine just deleting the minions your opponents are dependent on.

  28. Does sumo still have problems with people taking dives when their opponent needs like 1 more win to reach the next level? That’s the one chapter I remember from the original Freakonomics book.

  29. No, it seems much cleaner now. There was a large-scale investigation in 2011 that resulted in many wrestlers being banned for life. Scheduling is also handled differently these days, so wrestlers with 7-7 records are matched up against each other on the final day as much as possible. If not possible, they'll still generally be given an opponent who has a clear incentive to win.

  30. How do you know how many chests you opened?

  31. Find your Battle Chronicle on hoyolab and scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the Summertime Odyssey section.

  32. Malygos isn’t too bad at forcing it on t1. Aranna could probably have a go too. Neither will be as consistent as ysera though.

  33. I think it's people improvising no?

  34. It is, but the girls are singing lyrics from Nature Boy.

  35. Mimo just got back into making these. This is the one that first drew my attention, but I ended up listening to the Muffin Man more times.

  36. Dunno why people act like this is the first soft G they've ever come across.

  37. I didn't know I could use it, but now I have.

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