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  1. Its worth as much as someone is willing to lose Also they in account how much time you want to spend trading it. Its not an "insane" item but it's def up there 450 -600 gold seems realistic or about 30-35 candy

  2. I don’t think I agree with this, I’ve seen worse purple items routinely selling for 1k

  3. Regardless of the outcome the result should never be reinstatement. If you even need to hire a law firm to investigate a member, just move on.

  4. I don’t like mizkifs content, I don’t like his personality, Ive never really liked anything about him other than some of his schooled shows. He genuinely annoys the shit out of me, however, this is a bad take.

  5. We went through 3-4 nice expensive diaper backpacks and bags before we settled on throwing everything in a beach tote and running. Don’t waste money on anything crazy.

  6. Yes, huge oversight not to have a much better gear management system. Honestly, it could be the real reason I do not play much any more. Every time I think about switching class, or sort through my gear, I find it easier to just find something else to play.

  7. I’ve only been playing a couple months, and yes, we’ve found more than a few things that could be better but nothing that has genuinely irked me like not having spec loadouts in a game that encourages having multiple builds on one character.

  8. So I’ve been digging and I can’t find it, maybe someone here can help me. I went through a dungeon with a guy that had this sword, but had upgraded it to the 600GS version and it had a mod that said “generate 250% more threat, gain ___% of damage back as lifesteal”

  9. I’ve had luck with spirits strength spears in JQ, hits like a truck and can solo most bots with ease, trouble only comes when they gang up on you. Been trying to find a rit build that can shrine cap but I don’t think its realistic

  10. Not sure if it still exists but back in the day I used what was called a 100% cartographer map that was on the wiki. It had tips for little spots to pick up fractions of a percent that are usually missed. I just compared the maps side-by-side to see what was missing.

  11. This is what I had heard of long ago! But nowadays everyone just opts into the mod

  12. No players in game play a strong factor, no doubt. But my gripe is more about weapons, armors and skillls. What use are they to me if I will get the decent stuff only at the end?

  13. Beating the main missions/story isn’t beating the game by any means, as with most mmos. Prophecies was all there was in the beginning so as many others have said, it’s a slower grind into being fully geared, and even then your power progression is mostly based around gathering skills and elites for various professions to be able to have builds for various scenarios. One of the most beautiful things about this game is, power-wise, you pretty much max out around southern shiverpeaks (ability to switch secondaries, max armor, high end weapon mods, etc.) after that it’s all about exploration and completion, moving on to other expansions and finding more elites, building out your heroes once you acquire them. I personally only play one to two builds on necro and only since the anniversary skill was added, before that it was Minion master all the way. There are definitely more DPS oriented necro builds but it will take time to get the elites, gear, etc. The bonus weapons can carry you throughout all continents if you aren’t concerned with min/maxing, and if you are you’ll have to start salvaging mods off of weapons to throw onto a q9 weapon of your choice.

  14. Look up Peter Kadar on YouTube. He has a ton of farms with a ton of different builds that would probably be super helpful

  15. Hello! I’ve been back for a few weeks now and steady chipping away at GWAMM. Anyone on this post can add me in game and I’m down to join whenever and whatever you may be clearing:)

  16. That or a paid vanilla account, which are getting more and more rare these days. I’ve got one as one of my alts, and I don’t plan on upgrading it anytime soon lol. I wonder how many other core accts are still somewhat actively played

  17. I have a vanilla account that was used as early as the couple of days before launch, I came back for the first time last year with 8 years of goodies to unwrap and have since bought/beaten all xpacs and grinded out all the mounts. Just curious, is there ANY perk to having an OG vanilla account from a physically purchased game, or not really?

  18. Yeah that’s what I was talking about when I said I came back to unwrap a bunch of goodies (8 years of bday gifts on 5 characters)

  19. I’m just callin it out, EVERY time I’ve seen colourhex’s player cam since the last widow 1v1 show matches he played in, he looks like he’s speeding out of his mind, dude definitely looks like he takes a heaping amount of adderall before games. Before you downvote go watch his player cam from the beginning of the match he started in, then if you’re not convinced, go watch his widow 1v1 from last year? I think.

  20. I played this game for years and I can't figure out/remember what you mean by HoW and 15 res corruption.

  21. Heart of wolverine wisp projector is a +1 skills ring in LoD worth many high runes at the start of a season, and I was playing the project d2 mod where you can corrupt items for a chance at either adding an affix or essentially brick the weapon. Even if you dodge the brick, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a good affix like all resist or faster cast rate.

  22. There is no such thing as a ring called heart of wolverine in d2, what are you talking about? There's only 2 rings with +1 skills. SoJ and bul kathos. Neither of which is worth 10 hrs.

  23. Oh I’m sorry, it was wisp projector, and it was altered in the pd2 mod to have +1 skills

  24. Could this possibly be just a bench option in case jjangu or piggy get their balls all twisted up?

  25. On the second half of bjora you can do a quick large chest loop for a decent amount too. Quite fast if you have a skyscale and griffon.

  26. Have Griffon, acquiring shards specifically for skyscale currency conversion at this point. I MIGHT have a little under 200 total left to get between 3 of the 6 currencies. These were all farmed doing lws4 meta trains and hearts so I’m happy to find out there is a little faster way, or at least something I can do in addition to my normal farm to speed up the process. I don’t see it taking me more than a couple more days before I can begin all the collections:3 I’m so pumped.

  27. My two mains are reaper and firebrand so that should work out:) I’m just now returning from only playing about 4-5 months at the beginning of last year, I got burnout from grinding those time gated currencies everyday, just doing hearts over and over and over and over... needless to say I’m having more fun now after a long break just taking my time knocking out the last leg:) And sweet! Works out perfect because My reaper is like 90% ascended gear but my firebrand only has like 2 pieces haha

  28. I called into work and showed up this morning about 2hrs before opening and there had to be over 200 people already in line with fucking sleeping bags and tables and chairs and shit. Fucking ridiculous. People were saying that once they come out and the first people in line make claims on what they want, the people leftover at the cutoff just move up and set up camp again for the next day. Like wtf. How is a normal working person supposed to acquire a gpu nowadays? Guess I’ll just keep milking my 1060 into the dirt for now:/

  29. They should be easy to kill and not hit very hard, but come in zerg swarms, crawling in windows and open doors. Just having to deal with the sheer numbers would be the challenge. AOE hammer all day.

  30. This sounds wonderful, maybe one or two big bois come during the raids, mama spiders, as well as a torrent of easy ones swarming behind or FROM the big ones. However they do it I just want creatures that can breach the basic moat+wall combo.

  31. That sounds great but there will be at least double the whining and calls to make the game a casual paradise.

  32. I’m hoping they ignore the whines and do it anyway. Make the monsters difficult and the building easy:)

  33. I love posts like this, helps me be more creative on my own instead of trying to replicate stuff I’ve seen

  34. Exacttllyyyyy. It would be cool if one day the surtling attacks come from a fissure that spawns near your base

  35. So is this the new texture pack?

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