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GameStop Forms Partnership with FTX

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  1. Roger plays the mega hits mixed with his solo work. Cover bands like Brit Floyd and Australian Pink Floyd play the popular songs and some lesser known ones. But, Nick plays early stuff pre-DSOTM, stuff you can’t hear or see anywhere else. You’ll get to see the cover bands again, this is likely Nicks last tour. The show is most definitely worth it.

  2. Exactly, they can't. The vetting process takes 2-3 weeks because of criminal record checks (high security job). If they fired even 10 of those people theyd be severely understaffed and lose a shit ton of money rehiring.

  3. I wouldn’t be so sure. While what you say makes a whole lot of sense, that doesn’t account for power tripping managers who’d rather be in control than be sensical.

  4. That’s the problem - a true correction would mean a very dark depression at best or a total shift in world order toward authoritarian regimes and maybe even world war 3 at worst. Everyone wants things to get fixed and there will be pain involved, but no one understanding the consequences will want and allow for things to “correct itself”.

  5. So because malicious actors have purposely positioned themselves that they are too large to fail, we should bow down to them and allow them further control or else they would cause further pain? They cause pain everyday they are allowed control, the fact that they will cause further pain if they lose control may be inevitable but it’s irrelevant. A forest fire creates new growth.

  6. And he’ll still go top 5 pick next season

  7. Just think of his high ceiling if he manages to stay healthy this time /s

  8. And yet everybody complains that the US spends too much on military...

  9. It’s possible to have a well equipped army without going overboard.

  10. Unfortunately there’s no way to know where that fine line is, especially since our opponents are rapidly growing their militaries by the day. When your military makes up 90% of NATO, you can’t risk being unprepared for dictators (Putin, Xi) to do what dictators do

  11. If there are veterans without healthcare, elderly without homes, and children without food, the line has been crossed. Not only have we crossed a line, we sprinted across it and haven’t looked back.

  12. If this is the shit happening while the price remains flat, what the fuck is going to happen when the price starts increasing exponentially?

  13. Why’s it still called the Freedom Rally when it’s completely legal recreationally?

  14. my issue with him is that he seems to charge in without an exit strategy.

  15. Not only that but he doesn’t even try and stop, he just lays down and slides in blades first, completely intentionally. He makes no effort to avoid a collision or even mitigate.

  16. Who knows, maybe one day water will decide to change its physics and raise itself disproportionately elsewhere to save Florida?

  17. I'm the Jimmy of the group, just stopped doing "hard drugs" for the most part. Altho every month or 2 I like taking a very high opioid dose to decide if I should keep going

  18. You take a high opioid dose after a period of sobriety? That doesn't sound safe? Are you trying to overdose?

  19. So I got .000001 ETH in my wallet now that I didn't place there.....

  20. I had to have multiple outpatient day procedures to remove in grown toenails. If you’re not careful it can get so bad you can barely walk.

  21. Joke is on them, I adjust my work ethic to correlate with my pay if I am not (in my opinion) compensated appropriately.

  22. Unfortunately minimum wage doesn’t allow for minimum effort, you just become unemployed. Some people just don’t stand a chance.

  23. Their NFT exchange has totally worked out well.

  24. Possible, but states that allow street quads are less common than ones that don't. Also, no plates visible.

  25. Just because it isn't street legal, doesn't mean they aren't driving on city streets.

  26. Roger and nick are both currently touring, I saw Rog last week, seeing Nick next month. It’s the best we’ll get, don’t miss out while you can.

  27. You see Roger to hear the mega hits and his solo works and you see Nick to hear the early work and deep cuts.

  28. Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and say any medical professional who decides to make money off of pseudo science is a bad at that job. And here we see doctor oz being shit at being a doctor.

  29. It’s kinda sad. It’s been so long and he holds onto the grudge so dearly. Roger is going to go to his grave with a grudge and hate in his heart. He’s rich enough to do practically whatever he wants, and he chooses hate.

  30. Could be that Citadel saw the writing on the wall and bought and/or bullied their way into a partnership with FTX so that they stay relevant and, they hope, remain in a position of power.

  31. When going to Bs games I usually keep my keys, wallet, and vape in my hands and hold them above my head as I walk through. They say anything tell em it’s flavored nicotine, can’t prove otherwise. To be on the safe side I usually buy and bring disposable vape pens so I’m not really worried about losing them either.

  32. The dudes her crimes are applicable to won’t come forward.

  33. Seriously, 47 million is an absurd amount of money

  34. Yeah right. The cops aren’t going to want to waste precious manpower hours of sifting through footage to find some people who stole some cigarettes and gum

  35. You don’t think cops would be interested in investigating and prosecuting minorities for whatever offense they can? Like they have better things to do? This is exactly what they are paid for. Prosecute property crimes and protect the wealthy and local businesses. My local cops monitor snap chat/tiktok/whatever to crack down on guns, flash mobs, and street races. The owner of the store is going to lean on the police and something will be done.

  36. Lol no. In theory they would, but I can guarantee the cops won't care enough to follow up on this.

  37. When things like this become a regular occurrence, it will be cracked down upon. Some stores like Walmart will let you shoplift a bunch and let you think you are getting away with it, but are letting you accruing more and more charges to hit you with grand larceny or larceny by scheme to hit you with time so you don’t get a slap on the wrist. My local cops get seemingly unlimited overtime. They take joy in trying to solve minor crimes like this where no danger is involved instead of doing real and dangerous policing.

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