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  1. Why? Why did I click. Sometimes I hate how good my imagination is.

  2. If it's private property as you said then sure but this is not similar to army base, it's a tourist place where everyone is allowed. I don't think they're patrolling anything but just following old traditions and keeping those alive. I'm sure there are other police officers and cameras to patrol.

  3. Not all countries have identical rules. He’s trying to give an analogy to help you understand it better. In England, you don’t mess with these guards. And had somebody tried to retaliate, they would’ve gone to jail. You have to know the laws of the country you go to and it’s on you as a tourist to research them.

  4. I finished high school in 2006 with a head full of mostly useless facts and dates. I only “learned how to learn” several years later when I decided to do an online degree. Self directed learning felt so good. Gen Z is growing up in a rapidly changing world completely rudderless. Pretty bleak IMO.

  5. Every generation has felt this same way coming out of high school into the real world. It’s not a new thing and there is no way to really counteract it because the world changes at a faster pace than standardized teaching. In our to have the best learning experience, teachers would need to be empowered to teach their own self-created curriculum so they could change it day to day to adapt to the rapidly changing world. However, this would never happen because there are lots of teachers who do the bare minimum and without a curriculum handed to them, their students would fail. Thus school curriculums will always be at the lowest common denominator.

  6. Square dancing is taught in schools because Henry Ford was a racist that thought jazz would ruin the country

  7. Well, do you support the troops? Because one of our marines could use your support…

  8. You know what, just take my upvote, just take it, and get out of my sight. I never want to see you again.

  9. We are selling our seal clubs for cheap.

  10. Imagining a four-bollocked squirrel in miniature Krogan armour.

  11. As an American, thank you for the laugh. People throw that term around almost as much as the term “Nazi” and it really shows that many people do not truly understand what these terms mean or the historical significance behind them.

  12. Stupid 'Muricans ( which in my experience accounts for the vast majority of people from the US, that you encounter online), tend to think that Socialism/communism are just terms for something you don't like, but don't seem to realize, that socialism is a specific economic model, or what the core principles of said model is.

  13. Yep. You nailed it. Online it’s one side calling the other “commies” or “socialists” and the other side calling “Nazi” - All these terms are just thrown around for things, people, beliefs they don’t like. I’m so sick of it. I want a pub where I can go where politics isn’t allowed. I’d call it “No Politics Aloud”.

  14. Whenever I see somebody at the gym who is struggling, I give them a thumbs up and a nod. The gym is to battle your own demons and nobody else’s. Everyone has the same struggle, the only difference is the scale of weight. Don’t think about the weight, that will come with persistence. Think about who you want future you to be. Getting fit is one thing that regardless of social or financial status, everyone has the same amount of control over. It’s not something for a New Years Resolution either. I’m sure it worked for some folks. But start today, not next year.

  15. He is channeling the whole spectrum of soundfx in one gig... man this some next level audio producing.

  16. Assacoustics? I heard about this and I’m ONLY here for the Assacoustics!

  17. Definitely wouldn't say "the rest of the world".

  18. Crocodiles had a lot more variation in the past, including hooved crocs, crocodiles with protective scutes like modern ones but even bigger, galloping crocs, vegetarian crocs, crocs that could dwarf even the modern saltwater croc, and more. The ones that survived to today were basically tougher more adaptable/resilient than all of those guys. He's right to be scared.

  19. You’re telling me that in the past there were crocodiles that could gallop down a land-based target and be rated for horsepower? That is straight nightmare fuel.

  20. Yup. At one time the pseudosuchians (crocodiles' probable direct ancestors) rivaled the dinosaurs for control of the planet. It was their less efficient breathing system compared to dinosaurs that possibly led to their defeat. Even so, as the other extant branch of the archosaurs they gave it one hell of a go.

  21. Jokes on the dinosaurs. Turns out crocs are asteroid-proof. What a fitting end to such a rocky rivalry.

  22. If that’s a typo, it’s incredible. Kind soul becomes king soul. Just incredible

  23. Glad to be of service! As Michael would likely say, “9 months later and this fetus comment has blossomed into a beautiful baby. Or adopted baby for the gays.”

  24. In the past, I used to sell blood and semen to make ends meet… but now through my proprietary company sales method, Rinse and Shine keeps my wallet flush with cash…

  25. Tbh for a decent quality burger that's not a bad price. Place down the road from me sells a börgör for like $30

  26. Dude $30 is way too much for an average burger. I lived in a major city and was able to get Wagyu burgers for $20-25 dependent on toppings.

  27. There used to be a buffet restaurant in my city that asked for a tip. You generally pay before you enter a buffet restaurant. They wanted you to tip, at a buffet restaurant, before you were even seated. Unreal.

  28. That is absurd. The tipping culture has gotten out of control. I feel bad for Gen Z who might not remember that it used to be you only tipped wait staff at sit down restaurants. And we need to get back to that.

  29. Beliefs are like having a penis. It’s okay to have one and be proud of it, but don’t wave it around in public or shove it down my throat.

  30. My pastor has been on both anti anxiety and depression meds, as well as having a (dated) “ADD” diagnosis from his childhood days.

  31. I had lunch with a pastor once who told me a story of a close friend of his in order to refute my belief that priests were on a moral high ground. A close friend of his was former military and after getting divorced, moved to Southeast Asia where he had many different girlfriends, prostitutes, etc. all of age and consensual. The priest told me that while he would never do that, his friend needed to cope with his own issues in his own way, and while not every method was “equal and just” according to the Bible, he understood that his friend was surviving and that was okay. And in the end, God would forgive him because people make mistakes, sometimes intentionally in order to avoid bigger mistakes. Everyone has their own story to tell. I really admired that.

  32. She’s a victim. Not a hero. Calling her a hero is a method of painting this in a way to make her feel like less of a victim.

  33. Let? You can say no and guard that door if you want.

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