Work in progress of recreating a childhood favorite that used to be on the ABC called "The Trap Door"

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  1. Alas, it's wordlwide at the moment. I feel you though. Cost of living in general is horrible.

  2. If you call a cosmetic badge a huge gift, then yes.

  3. Hmm… it would be good for them to put out a word of cheer, as well as the plan for stabilizing their staff. Other games have more monetization. I’m not sure why they hold back. Doesn’t help if the game dies, even if it is well meaning

  4. Ain't No Party Like A LibraMcentire Ugly Sweater Party. 🥂

  5. A perfect example of how beautiful a well executed tease can be ❤️

  6. Googly eyes sales are going to go through the roof. 🧐 Are you sure you're not on a commission. 😂

  7. I'm at least 30% I'm not a super secret googly eye sales sleeper agent

  8. Idk I just love the maturity in his body. Almost like its worn and exhausted and needs my touch in order for it to relax

  9. Mate! What an effort. That’s dedication. Kudos to the phenomenal transformation. Keep Kicking Ass. 🤙🏽💪🏼

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