Hacker calls scammer by their real name

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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Nachdem ich mich nun endlich mal aufgerafft hatte, etwas gegen meine Depressionen zu unternehmen, ist es mir diese Woche tatsächlich gelungen einen Therapieplatz zu bekommen.

  2. I‘ve been there and it definitely didn’t end well for me. If she‘s not ready to be exclusive and you want to be, I think you have to move on, otherwise you’ll get hurt.

  3. Would ITT be a cute game to play with a date? Or do you think it gets too into stuff that's awkward and relationshippy for people just getting to know each other?

  4. I mean, if your date is interested I‘d say go for it. I played it with a friend and I still really enjoyed every second of it, even though I couldn’t really relate to the relationship between the characters/players. Might also be a good thing for a date, cause you most likely won’t finish it on one date. :D

  5. and also jessica’s „this is my firm“ or some variation of that

  6. … did they hack the security system of the office as well to pull this footage?

  7. yes, they had access to their systems for months, you can watch the whole thing on jim browning/mark rober/trilogy medias channel on youtube

  8. Ah. See, I was suspicious of this. It doesn't feel right, and feels more like a setup, in large part because not only does he know the name as soon as she calls, he also has video of the room.

  9. So, I wasn’t really familiar with that because I only occasionally watch his videos, but it seems like he didn’t know the one reaction was fake and removed that part from the video (at least that’s what this article says that I read, I didn’t bother to check)

  10. I Can't Stop Me by TWICE is fucking fire. Never fails to get me hyped.

  11. Ist halt nicht so einfach auszutreten, bei uns in Düsseldorf werden die Termine bei Amtsgericht für den Kirchenaustritt immer am 1. jeden Monats vergeben, allerdings sind alle Termine innerhalb von 45 Minuten weg. Das heißt wer nicht schnell ist hat gar keine Chance seinen (Wunsch-)termin zu bekommen

  12. sind die 25-30€ nicht auch Bearbeitungsgebühren, die gar nicht an die kirche gehen? dachte ich zumindest

  13. Die Rede von Alice Weidel war auch eine Frechheit, sich in so einer Situation über angebliches "Gender Gaga" aufzuregen ist absolut respektlos und hat nichts im Bundestag zu suchen

  14. fand es auch echt beeindruckend, wie man bei so einem ernsten thema die rede so lenken kann, dass man schön nochmal das gendern bashen kann. aber gut, was will man bei der afd erwarten

  15. i chose nkunku what chem style do you guys recommend for him

  16. depends on where you wanna use him, I used hunter/hawk on his totgs when I used him as cam, now I‘m using anchor as a b2b cm

  17. how do you use cr7? got his otw from the party bag and he‘s decent for me (like 20 games and 12 goals) but nothing in comparison to ginola

  18. kann auf jeden fall noch maultaschen empfehlen, mit schinken und ei ist man bei ~2€ pro Mahlzeit und das dann 7 mal die woche und ich komme gut mit 100€ im monat hin!

  19. eventuell sind es auch 2,50€; maultaschen kosten hier ca. 1,50€ wenn sie nicht im angebot sind, eier im 10er pack 2,60€ und schinken im 6er pack ~1,50€; also haben wir 1,50€ + 0,26 * 2 + 0,25 * 2 = 2,52€; zusätzlich sparen kann man noch, wenn man nur ein Ei und eine Scheibe Schinken nimmt, aber das würde ich nicht empfehlen!

  20. If you do go option 2 then i’d play savanier instead of petit - savanier will get 10 chem, nkunk 8 but that’s fine. Then you can spend petit coins on barella HL and skrinir WW instead of vidal/bastoni

  21. that’s actually a great suggestion if I want to try out Darmian, but I think you’re right and I‘ll stick with one for the moment! :)

  22. Had to get used to him at first and thought he was overhyped, because he felt a little clunky (have the same problem with CR7 right now) but once I got used to him he started hard carrying me, have ~ 90 matches with him and 100+ goals.

  23. i really don’t get it; i don’t play often but still got to Div 1 eventually last season, but I get completely destroyed in drafts, it’s kinda sad lmao

  24. Thank you so much! I can take that "3-1-2" and play around with the back four and GK! Could do Varane and Niakhate CBs with WW Maignan in goal, cancelo LB and Mbabu RB

  25. yeah, but you‘d need a strong link for kovacic and imo rüdiger was the best option there :D

  26. I’m very tempted to get Kessie in but I’d be playing him On 3 yellow links and 2 red not sure if that would be quite a dint to his stats

  27. you can just play 433 and link kessie to anderson, carlos and ronaldinho for example

  28. Same here but don’t worry! With time things are gonna be better for sure

  29. germany check your dms here on reddit, I might have something for you :P

  30. He makes a good cam imo. But of course, he can be used defensively as well

  31. Fair enough, just think he‘d be better as a stayback because of the high def WR, but if he works for you as a cam that’s great! :D

  32. I know what you mean. But u still got alli and sow who are rather offensive. Maybe you coul get baby ballack or lampard if u like chelsea players. But i dont know how well they perform in this fifa

  33. Holy shit. When people said that the difference was "pretty noticeable" I was like "meh, probably a waste of money" Until I saw how fucking insane this shit is. 60hz feels like absolute shit now and I don't think I can ever go back. It's like playing a whole new game. If you're considering getting a 144hz, do it right now, you will not be upset.

  34. that’s a copypasta i haven’t seen in a long time

  35. got IF Gnabry untrade and used him for a while as ST and he’s pretty good with a hunter. still not the fastest but you can definitely feel the 99 acceleration on short sprints

  36. I don't know if it's a weird thing, but I've never seen anyone else do it. Before my grandma died, we would sometimes text a little bit, and at the end she would just send a message with just a bunch of emojis. I would always imagine her having a fun time looking for all of the emojis she wanted to send to me. I'd do anything to get one of those texts from her again

  37. Damn, you made me tear up cause my grandma did the exact same thing and she passed away last month and I - just like you - wish I could get another text with all those emojis.

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