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  1. Please let this be some sort of Smeargle evolution. It'd be cool.

  2. - Both have a lineal connection to a mythologized figure within the study of their power system (Hohenheim, known within Xing as the "Sage of the West"/Ignotus Peverell, the youngest of the "Three Brothers"). Weirdly enough, that also puts them in a strange semi-blood relation with the Main Antagonist (Voldemort being descended from Cadmus Peverell/Father having been born from Hohenheims blood)

  3. This kinda reminds me of that one comic where Metal began imitating Sonic's mannerisms, speech pattern, and personality, and even Eggman was like "wtf bro?"

  4. You should pet your Pokémon more and they will break out of the paralysis on their own.

  5. How dare you call my boy Calem not stylish? The dude's got drip!

  6. Nah, reminds me of a cross between Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts

  7. Ayo, this looks SICK. This could easily be a template, if you'd be up for it.

  8. “Hello internet and welcome to Corpse Theory, where we theorize how these corpses died.”

  9. A dumb idea could be a Spoink with an accordion-like tail, with the orb on its head being a cleft note.

  10. Now he could reach outerversal if it happened to be a concrete pillar.

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