1. This deserves an award, can I have those cover? I guess they are gif right πŸ€”.

  2. May I know how you do the "Square box" for each section? It looks really neat and tidy

  3. Thanks! Use the callout box set to the default color

  4. Everything you missed about the 8 new Notion updates

  5. what a good video, super short and straight to the point

  6. Yea it's still missing some features but I do think it will improve over time

  7. If Notion listened to power users they would fix the formula editor

  8. Would love to check out this template πŸ”₯

  9. I think I saw this on twitter from you first. I gotta say the whole Callout wrapper thing changed everything for me with my setup. Thank you thank you thank for that. My biggest pet peeve was how some database views would get really skewed off screen depending on size and what is placed next to them. The Callout wrappers lock those suckers in place and make it like a real canvas to scroll through. Now I just need Notion to not highlight the whole block when I click on the horizontal scroll bar. :)

  10. damn notion is really a useful application. Recently i started using it & its great!!!!

  11. Notion is truly amazing, I have a channel full of Notion resources I think you'd find useful :)

  12. How did you create that task section with the folders??? Looks like a real project mgmt tool when you do it like that. I'm still sort of new to Notion!

  13. The task database (list view) is grouped according to the project database relation (gallery view).

  14. Thanks for this! Been wanting to make my Notion pages look nicer.

  15. This is awesome! Really appreciate this as I've been trying to find a way to do this for a while!

  16. yeah got that, but im looking for a way to cycle through the different gifs

  17. You can use Canva to add gifs next to each other and then export as one long gif :)

  18. Great video (full-length one on YouTube). It has some great stuff. Thank you!

  19. O2L says:

    Thanks for all of these! Just subbed to your Yt

  20. This is probably the only thing I don't manage inside Notion, I use Twitter.

  21. As a fellow Notion Aesthetic lover, this is amazing. Love the vaporwave theme on the home page 😍

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