1. Should we bring up some of your posts about bankruptcy or just let u troll for a bit?

  2. Last dreamland staff outing, nobody because they sacked everyone

  3. Is there any chance that RC is involved with this. He sold earlier for profits and went MIA. Comes back yesterday and new stock bond deal appears with no comments from BBBY. RC helps out BBBY and even gets his money back in the future because he knows this MEME will explode...

  4. Daddy Cohen’s tweet has me feeling highly regarded! Can’t wait to add to my position today!!

  5. This gets posted every few days with HKD, hasn't meant anything

  6. Yeah absolutely nothing to do with bbby, guy is out and we are bagholding lol

  7. Annndddd means nothing? Hedgefunds can endlessly manipulate price until the company goes bankrupt

  8. I'm way too far red to sell lol, absolutely pointless now, should have sold at 13 and not listened to people on here.


  10. Wow. Y'all are not like GME apes. They won't settle for anything less than infinity.

  11. wtf is ss? who is that woman he is with? thats him for sure, she looks posh also.

  12. When did u buy? Before c9hen 40 dollar price or after ? If u were influenced at all by cohen u have no right to talk shit ir try to appear that u just like the stock. U are even using gme I like the stock like seems like u jus bought after gme craze. Stock market will never be the same after gme. No one gon say that bout bbby. Guess we'll see right.

  13. I have every right to talk about what I want. This is a BBBY sub, not a GME one, once superstonk cares about BBBY I'll care about GME.

  14. lol u spiteful ? mad that yall got debt but gme dont? i would be

  15. Back to superstinky with you. Enjoy your switzerland store closures

  16. You're fucking weird, calling people shills one day and the next crying about the stock falling.

  17. They literally post their usernames on the doco you fucking moron

  18. BBBY has inherently more value than gme, people want to buy baby stuff not used games..

  19. Why on Earth would Bed Bath and Beyond have been affected by the dot com crash? Do you think dairy farmers were affected by the dot com crash?

  20. Oh look its the guy who worked for bbby for 6 months 15 years ago again.

  21. I'm sad I'm permabanned from Superstonk. I'm HOLDing 95% GME.

  22. Sell your GME and go all in on bbby, it's a steal at this price..

  23. Yes they are cumulative, but why are FTDs popping up exactly 35 days from when FTDs are due and creating wave like patterns. The stacking I am referring to is the waves and consistency of FTDs

  24. Does it say any specific or are we in total waitingmode? No more things in future to hype? Just wait for the results too show bankruptcy is 100% off table by going breakeven?

  25. Man, sucks to not have anything to look forward too but will probably make it feel like its going faster to Dec cuz not gonna go look as often haha.

  26. I feel gap theory is possibly irrelevant in a bear market, and potential recession and depression. Gap theory also applies heavily to downward gaps from what I remember.

  27. There it is. someone who believes a glorified towel company has a future

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