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  1. Sounds fun. As long as the church lays down guidelines that no one is ro get drunk, I'd be there.

  2. If it's pcusa, they probably don't know what they believe and I don't think it will be anything different than you.

  3. $260 is a fraction of the total cost. Your employer is paying the rest.

  4. Yes, but why is your payment that much?

  5. Oh my god, I live in Dayton. Literally not 3 days ago I saw a group of three kids eyeing a Kia parked outside my building. Completely bizarre, one had a balaclava on, other was pulling their shirt up like a hood, one was hefting a rock "casually", all of them looking in the windows. They couldn't have been more than 13-15. I have never in my life called the cops but like, I had my hand on phone. They eventually left, I'm assuming because it was too high traffic of an area to get away with it (that or steering wheel lock). Kind of a depressing anti-social contagion.

  6. I live in dayton (suburbs) and work for UD. Because I work there, I'm enrolled in their alert system and get emails any time a crime happens on campus. The amount of emails about stolen Kias is absurd.

  7. Yeah except for bull sharks. Those mfers get a dose of testosterone with the first bite, that is unmatched by any other animal in the world. After that, they basically can’t stop chomping. Which is why they’re the most dangerous shark to be around.

  8. Honestly surprised circuits even had a C req, I barely remember much other than v=ir and haven’t had any reason to use any of that information after graduating besides for personal projects. Probably gonna need at least a C in algorithms if you want to ever pass a technical interview, but I learned more doing interview prep than in class anyway.

  9. I think ee220 was more to justify calling it computer engineering. Honestly, I think those crazy tech interviews are more a stereotype than anything else. I've had around 6 tech interviews in my carrier. My 1st job was more personality wise even. I've been asked what a semaphore was 3 times, 1 set thorey question, and 1 malloc question.

  10. They’re unfortunately real, have had quite a few and given them myself, but that’s mainly working/interviewing for bigger SF/Seattle based tech companies. Cracking the coding interview back in the day and now leet code were/are my friends. I like algorithmic programming challenges so it kind of works to my advantage, still think it’s a potentially dumb way to exclude some very qualified candidates.

  11. I've worked for 4 of the 10 largest defense contractors in America on projects I can't talk about. It's come to a point where you're past work experience is enough of a technical interview for them I feel.

  12. Are you sure it's either and not both? Usually lower level math classes have a lecture and discussion. My Calc 2 had 2 lectures and a discussion.

  13. I took 456 back in 2016. I don't remember the final, but I know it wasn't anything surprising.

  14. Nv DMV was always awful. Reno would be minimum 10 hours wait.

  15. Could be but they look all banged up to me. Maybe just shadows but they look really funky to me almost like there’s tar on them

  16. Thanks for pointing that out... I went to look closer and noticed they totally smashed some of my siding. Their estimate photos show it looking normal, and now it's smashed in like they tried moving it out of the way...

  17. I doubt they “smashed” your siding. That would be almost impossible on this easy of a roof.


  19. I've visted Tysons a few times and always get free snacks there lol

  20. I did back in college. The money coming back to you is yours. Use it on hookers and blow for all they care.

  21. To be fair are there a lot of spoilers in a Zelda game? Link defeats Ganon?

  22. Have you seen the split timeline? Doesn't always happen... Spoiler warning...

  23. Where the fuck is someone get 6 eggs for a buck these days?!?

  24. Ohio. Kroger has them for like 1.80

  25. I wonder if they'll ever switch parties.

  26. You think so? I passed my Net+ on my first try and I found it pretty hard. I’ve always heard sec+ was harder

  27. Sec+ was a ton of acronyms. It's not conceptually hard, just too many things to remember..

  28. Ports, Acronyms, definitions to make your mind go numb. And a few best practices.

  29. My test didn't have a single port number question...

  30. Congrats on passing! I’m finally taking my exam Monday. Did you have a lot of questions on ports and protocols?

  31. I took it last week. Not a single question on port numbers...

  32. My proven theory in working with goverment at various levels (county, state, fed) is that there are two types of people who work there: 1) those who want to make a difference and better their community and 2) those that can't get a job anywhere else.

  33. Definitely the latter. I work for the DoD. Civilian employees make probably 60% of what I do doing the same job. If you're willing to make so little, it's because you couldn't be hired elsewhere.

  34. The people who you call from your insurance, wouldn’t tell you to not file with insurance…

  35. Mine did. Roof was blown off, called them and they said "are you sure the damages are over your $1500 deductible? You're insurance will go up if you file a claim". They were actively trying to get me not to file.

  36. Are you asking if it's legal to fire someone for performance issues and hire someone more qualified?

  37. I'd never heard of the Douglass case before. Just putting out there the absurdity the doj is stating

  38. Congrats! I also passed today. Honestly I watched a 10 hour YouTube video then reviewed the “most difficult” terms on quizlet. I do have a masters in Cybersecurity so that really helped

  39. Do you have a link to that quizlet?

  40. I thank god everyday that I just become overly nice when I’m drunk

  41. Yah, I've never understood angry drunks. When I'm drunk, I get super polite and laugh at everything. I think the worst thing I did was lay down on the sidewalk outside my favorite restaurant and cried for 10sec because they closed early.

  42. Slightly off topic but I watched that documentary on Netflix. Fucked me mentally for a couple of weeks.

  43. I watched that during the covid Netflix binge. I'm from Las Vegas, and that last seen at the diner threw me off. I've been there many times, and also that McD's in the dame parking lot. Used to play tennis in the overpass bridge right there.

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