1. u like them sonic the hedgehog eyes

  2. I usually binge stuff anyways so not really

  3. Aku no Hana is the only thing coming to mind

  4. Grew up with my older siblings watching Toonami. Saw episodes(not the whole series because I swear it's impossible to watch them in order when they're airing) of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Durarara, Free!, Xamd, Eureka 7, all the shonens(naruto, yugioh, pokemon, digimon, bleach, FMAB, DBZ, Gintama) Michiko to Hatchin, Code Geass, FLCL, and probably more before I was 9. When I had turned 9 I finished my first anime, Angel Beats, and watched Love Lab soon after.

  5. And you did nothing to counter my points. They are all based on what you said. And what I sand complete stands. And if you didn't noticed, that whole season 1 is meant to be the prologue of the series, that's why Askeladd is more or less the main character.

  6. This is how I know you're not even reading

  7. So obviously you didn't read the previous comment, so Imma just copy and paste it to give you another chance to try and argue against it, because you didn't even attempt to counter a single point I made.

  8. It's literally no use. You can do all of

  9. It's literally no use. You can give people an actual respectful answer on whether you think they should or should not continue a show and they will victimize themselves because people will say fair but I don't agree. A lot of people don't like many upheld shows/films. That's fine I have widely praised anime I don't like but don't act like anyone who disagrees with your points just ignores anything you say lol. People just assume that because it's a common complaint but your post was literally mainly about hey is the politics of S1 coming back not specifically on Thorfinn's character development so people somewhat assumed you liked the more dramatic elements.

  10. I didn't want to argue with people over the internet over a tv show, but when I'm simply asking whether or not the parts I lied are coming back or not and am instead met with backlash for not liking the show, I'm gonna slap back.

  11. Order I watched stuff that made me cry

  12. I swear I've seen this exact same post just with pictures

  13. Shiki no Uta and Who's Theme from Samurai Champloo are the 2 best EDs in anime.

  14. Just so you know the director is Shinichiro Watanabe (remember though) and he is the GOAT at incorporating music into the storytelling.

  15. You must really like Ghibli movies...

  16. Saw episode 1 of Xamd when I was like 5 and the transformations stuck with me until I finished the series like 8 years later.

  17. I was devastated when “the thing” happened in the movie and I was like “holy shit I didnt think they had the guts to do that,” and then it got uno reversed and I stopped caring. Kinda wished they found a way to end it with “the thing”. But I’m personally just a sucker for tragic endings.

  18. Haikyuu, Demon Slayer, Naruto, My Hero, Bungou Stray Dogs, Overlord, 86, Food Wars, Seven Deadly Sins, Erased.

  19. Yeah it was a pretty big step down from the previous movie.

  20. Jojo’s bizarre adventure is the perfect watch in background show

  21. Spcae Dandy has an episode for any mood I’m in

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