1. Tbh I don’t feel hungry most of the time , I normally eat due to lunch breaks , tea time, some days I skip dinner altogether because I just don’t feel hungry . I am going to cut out the Alcohol and diet sodas, and fruit on a Friday. I do some weight training but nothing huge

  2. You are in a caloric surplus. That is why you gained 15 lbs. you are eating in excess.

  3. I am in a surplus but that wouldn’t be hard as I used to follow the 1200 calories diet , I would eat anything but keep under 1200 per day .

  4. Ground beef , pork rinds , chicken eggs water and coffee sometimes I’ll have a few strawberries and cream as a treat

  5. Have you recently eaten bone/meat broth? Could be a high histamine response.

  6. My spouse is a carb addict too. If he wants pizza he let's me eat some toppings cuz all he even wants is the crust lol. I've had issues like this in the past and an eating disorder that mostly revolved around binging. At under 50g carbs a day it went away but I also had to cut out sweeteners. Try going a month with zero sweets I did 1 or 2 and slowly readded sweeteners occasionally truthfully if I want a sweet now I dont even have sweetened foods/drinks I have a 70% or higher lindt chocolate. I used to think that stuff was nasty and now i prefer it. Can also stop after one. It made me realize something was wrong with my hunger. Weight loss on cico had always felt like I was holding on for fear life but keto after cutting sweeteners all of a sudden food became so easy and saying no was easy. Even if I go for a birthday party I have a small slice of cake now and can stop no problem and i am the person who used to eat whole cakes in secret my entire life.

  7. Yeah , coffee with sweetners is my vice , I will drink loads to try and curb my sweet tooth and I totally get you with eating a whole cake. I’ve noticed my dry skin, eczema and asthma have all but vanished when doing keto / carnivore .

  8. Binge eating is a real thing, it's a disorder according to DSM5. A lot of individuals have found some peace (mostly temporary) while doing keto and manage to avoid binges. My advice to you is you need to fix your relationship with food because it definitely seem like there are some issues there. I would say that any sort of lifestyle change requires a lot more mental preparation than just waking up one morning and not including any carbs in your diet. Process that information or otherwise seek help.

  9. How can I go about fixing my relationship with food ? I’m not even sure what the issue is other than me being greedy with no self control

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