1. I literally had to come comment bc this is the best name for a cat, love that the theme extends to his sister!!

  2. Hank using a small can of WD-40 to open a larger, more stubborn can of WD-40 is one of my favorite TV gags ever.

  3. Omg I don't think I've ever noticed this, which episode is this?

  4. This city should not exist. It is a monument to man's arrogance.

  5. When she's passed out from donating too much blood, and Bobby's acting like Buck (top 3 episodes)

  6. RSO will do ‘ya with a dose the size of a grain of rice taken with at least a tablespoon or two of a plant-based fat (ideally plenty of it saturated) such as coconut manna or almond butter for best bioavailability.

  7. Thanks!! I've been cooking with RSO but I rarely take it directly, will def try that next time I pick some up. Thanks for the terpenes list too, that's great info!! And I had the Klutch ICC a bit ago and def liked it, haven't had it in a bit though will definitely have to get it again!

  8. Make sure you don't cook the RSO at a temp too hot. Inside of baked goods is fine since they internally don't get too terribly hot, but you will definitely boil off the medical value of the RSO inadvertently with too much heat. I always just eat my RSO directly on a pistachio and then eat a handful of pistachios or otherwise put it in some sort of fat and consume that way.

  9. Thanks!! I actually do edible cooking classes so Im learning how to infuse it without burning it in a lot of ways.

  10. Well there’s a cool Nick and an uncool Nick but they’re actually the same person bc he’s just bored and messes with people.

  11. I don't know why I'm even reading this thread but it was worth it for this comment 🤣 he literally rolls a rock, to save rock and roll...

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