1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Winewood Organic’s live resin carts are ceramic

  2. Smell and smoke trumps looks for me. I've seen far worse. Where is indigrow?

  3. December 10th Swap HREAM is hosting Hash & Bass - it’s a solventless only caregiver based event. Any of the swap events are great if you can make it

  4. Even at dispensaries that don’t advertise 10% off the recreational products to medical patients, I will complain until they discount the rec tax off otherwise they will just lose my business. As a medical patient I don’t feel it’s fair for us to ever pay rec tax since a majority of dispos are only stocking rec product

  5. Good for you! I only got 3 places near me. I’ve already stopped going to the place that was med only. Once they switched to having rec also, earlier this year I stopped going. They kept messing up my orders and started having weird dress code rules.

  6. If you breed or do clones, you are able to get seeds and clones into the licensed grows. For example Glorious has a contract with superior solventless, they grow his genetics in house but he has nothing to do with the actual grow or creating of the final product that glorious puts out with the superior name on it

  7. Can you even really license a strain legally? Unless you've actually genetically modified it I'm pretty sure patents/licensing isn't possible in plants/animals

  8. The licensed company just needs the seeds or cuts of the genetics you would want to get into the licensed market

  9. I didn’t care for the taste on the Dog House Tag Alongz but the high was there which was nice

  10. Yea the IG is highlyexclusive_events the flyer tell you more ! Lol

  11. All the flyer says is $100 presale tickets $125 at the door and that includes an appetizer, champagne, a preroll at midnight and to BYOB BYOW lol

  12. No it doesn’t say one appetizer idk where you’re reading that at…. And it says it’s optional to bring ur own. Meaning there will be some provided.

  13. Did you even read the flyer? It says they will be providing “hors d’oeuvre” which is basically an appetizer or finger food 😂 and no where does it say they will be providing anything aside from the preroll at midnight. I sent the event IG a message looking for more info but no response yet

  14. You can always ask about the harvest dates before purchasing if it truly bothers you. But when stored properly cannabis is perfectly fine for well over a year.

  15. I really like Zilla’s, it’s a Michigan caregiver brand who does exceptional pet CBD products (and we’ve tried a lot of different products/brands). Our dog gets excited for the zillas cbd whether it’s the oil or the treats, and we’ve noticed positive effects in our dog!

  16. Distillate edibles give me headaches and aren’t as potent as rso or hash rosin edibles in my opinion. Also depends on who makes them because not all edibles are made well

  17. Do you have to have some kind of medical condition with doctor records or a recommendation or something or can u just say chronic pain and they'll write you off with no paperwork or serious health condition!! I wanna get a card lol I just have no health problems or a reason to get a card do they actsully check into that and deny you or no just pay the 90 bu KS and your good?

  18. You do not need any type of medical records. They may ask questions about whatever qualifying condition you list as your reasoning for applying for the card. For instance I got mine for chronic pain in my foot since I’ve had 4 surgeries on it. The certification places never asked for documentation or proof of my surgeries, but did ask me questions like when was surgery, what do I find that helps the pain, etc.

  19. I went there yesterday too and got a variety of products, great facility and such passionate staff. Can’t wait to write a full review soon!

  20. How does one become a customer of your licensed micro business? I love to see pheno flights and hunts!

  21. No they most definitely had vote no on prop 3 on their story, it was all over Instagram - thanks though!

  22. I’ve only been to VCS during events but I love the layout of the place, nice sized parking lot on site, and usually a handful of good quality vendors with fair pricing (cheaper or on par with dispo pricing)

  23. Check out the SWAP HREAM event December 10th in Niles, it’s a solventless only event lots of great caregiver rosin.

  24. I was contracted to do work and was given a variety of glorious “best” products, multiple solventless prerolls, distillate infused prerolls, eighths of flower and none of it was good. All harsh on the throat, not good flavor, the thin mintz one was the only one with some flavor. They grow in rock wool, when I saw their plants every single flower room was deficient in someway and no one knew why.

  25. Not including edibles, but you can expect all cannabis to have a minimum shelf life of a year or more. Concentrates, including vape carts, are likely to have a shelf life of multiple years.


  27. When I ordered delivery they came in an unmarked car, came to the door to get my id (med card too if you have it) and cash, then they went back to the car to get the product which comes in a paper bag as if you bought it directly at the dispensary. Not the fastest or most discrete interaction but didn’t scream cannabis delivery either

  28. Any dispensary that offers medical products/sales (which is most shops) will accept your out of state medical card. Being only 20, I do not believe they will let you purchase anything off the recreational menu since you need a 21+ ID. With that being said check menus before going and make sure you are looking at the “medical” menu.

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