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  1. My son is playing it now and he keeps handing the switch over to me when it gets hard.

  2. Yeah I had people jump down my throat for saying I was fine with the dlc cost of $20 to support the studio. Now people are finding out the truth that these death animations are not even finished yet. Kinda funny that all these people are now looking like dumb asses haha 😆

  3. Even if they were doing this, I wouldn’t mind paying for more DLC. This game looks quality and the studio has so much passion for their work. I’ve watch every piece of advertising for it and I love how Glen is so involved.

  4. Update (11/23/22) - Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen A. Schofield took to Twitter to confirm that the team isn’t “holding anything back from the main game for the season pass.” This means that there will be no death animations locked behind the season pass for the main story. He confirmed the new death animations will be brand-new ones and they will arrive as part of the Contagion Bundle and Riot Bundle. Schofield also shared that the team hasn’t even begun work on them yet and that “fans have asked for EVEN MORE deaths, so we’re making it a priority next year.”

  5. If the game is quality and there’s tons of replay ability, then I’ll for sure buy more stuff.

  6. I put a mini corn dog in the fries when I worked at a&w.

  7. When my dog got neutered, they tatted him with blue ink to show that he had the procedure.

  8. This kid will have an opponent. Batman fought bane.

  9. Shit! That was my Batman every day after school.

  10. Dedra will probably become a fall guy for mistakes that the empire made, or made out to be helping the rebels in propaganda.

  11. Sounds like Frank from “it’s always sunny…”

  12. I can’t wait to see lesly take yellow guy big dongus

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