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  2. A colonoscopy. It’s a major improvement

  3. Depends......does it come with some hepatitis?

  4. Again, an improvement rather than having to deal with CBT. I’d risk it. Better than failing with 100% grade.

  5. Do you know theoretically he could’ve braided rope with his pubes.

  6. I want to say they ousted the last guy or there was a shakeup a few years ago because of their handling of donations? At any rate, they've got an 86% on Charity Navigator (

  7. Oh no question yes they have improved in the last couple of years however it’s hard to get that stink of failure and corruption out of the organization of the past and there are so many more really honorable favorable military charities that I lean towards. My favorite is Fisher House

  8. I know I was going to edit it out but I left it on purpose because I know somebody was going to do it

  9. I do everything for my troops but I absolutely flat out refuse to do my supervisors job for him. 9 years later no decorations, no awards and no good EPR’s. But I’m fine retiring as a staff at this point

  10. Yep, I get that anger and love hate relationship I do trust me. I live it still in the corporate world where I have to do an evaluation every year and then my manager puts notes on it and signs off. What the absolute fuck is the point?!?! Supervisors and managers are supposed to supervise and manage and when necessary give feedback and guidance. I feel really bad for you, but I one hundred percent understand your frustration and zero fucks left in your garden.

  11. “Fred, Look at this stupid motherfucker dancing around.… Watch this, watch this ….:I heard if you wait long enough they’ll fling their poo 💩. Wait for it”

  12. Seems like a great way to start a massive fire. Water + oil = shitstorm

  13. But that never happens. IT’S TIK TOK!! 🙄

  14. But WAIT!!! The way he went DING DING DING on that wok. THAT’S what you did wrong 😑.

  15. Sure that looks fine …..that’s completely normal. And when you’re done I bet you wear it on your head too like a hat.


  17. VA: “0%, not service connected.”

  18. The end result was me and my temporary girlfriend trying to sleep in a twin bed, She went back to her dorm the next morning and my roommate came back with his fiancé and announced very loudly “Jesus Christ dude this room smells like sex.” The relationship lasted three weeks before I got ignored, kicked to the curb, and a Comm squadron guy started banging her, who she ended up marrying (dodged a bullet). Thanks for the memories.


  20. That’s a pretty awesome portable fan with a cute little light on it.

  21. I just can’t wait for the 21st birthday of this posting

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