1. pounding and fast heart rate when I feel like I’m in a hard scape situation such as when I’m in slow moving traffic I get nervous I hate being too far from my house I get anxious I also hate elevators because I might get trapped I hate crowded stores it makes me anxious and nervous too

  2. Leaking blood on your penis tip is bad sign something is bleeding inside

  3. Waking up every night with pounding heart rate that last 30 seconds been happening for a month now and I get it every night :(

  4. It’s nice to see I’m not alone. I avoided the dentist for almost 12 years and finally had to go after having 3 broken molars. So far, I’ve gotten 3 crowns (and one of those was a root canal too), 2 fillings, and my wisdom teeth out. I still have a lot more to go but the major stuff has been taken care of. I was so scared to go but it feels so good now to have my mouth in better shape! 😁

  5. After about 9 dentist visits I still get nervous but I want to be able to smile with confidence not smiling with mouth close and feel more confident talking to people

  6. I know how you feel bro I have 1 front decayed teeth and 1 missing on my front teeth and need a root canal also and my teeth looks gross and it stressing me out I have made my dentist appointment after 10 years even though I'm anxious it's for the sake of my health and healthy good looking teeth I'm not letting the fear gets me I'm just fed up with my bad yucky teeth

  7. That's good, the hardest part of health anxiety is accepting that it's just anxiety and not some disease that's about to kill you. You won't always believe it but that's part of the illness. You learn to manage it and it gets easier (and periodically worse then easier again). All the best.

  8. True we anxiety sufferer tends to worry specially if we think theres something wrong and we keep worrying and worrying till we get anxious and have panic and more physical symptoms gets you it's a vicious cycle

  9. Go for a run. If you have a heart problem you won't make it 5 minutes, if you can keep going it's just anxiety. People with heart problems can't run. I have bad health anxiety about my heart, high heat rate, palpitations, fluttering, skipping beats, chest pain, numbness and running in left arm, plus more. If you can run 5k there's no way you have a heart problem. It's how I convince myself I'm okay. Plus cardio is the best treatment for anxiety.

  10. I just checked it 30 minutes ago its 85 I'm just probably anxious about checking it and worrying about seeing it high. And yeah i can run without having to catch my breath

  11. My resting heart rate is around 90. I’m sure if I went back to exercising regularly it would go down slightly but that’s just how mine is. I’ve been to my doctor about it who wasn’t at all concerned. I’m 28

  12. Yeah I'm trying to exercise and drink alot water

  13. Has anything been removed or added to your diet ? Any new medications even say anti allergy ? Been drinking enough water? Tons of things can cause weight loss including stress. It can also cause weight gain depending on a person's homeostasis.

  14. I could be stress because I keep thinking about my ex also I drink alot of water but I pee all the time and I'm taking antidepressant my diet is mostly rice and veggies

  15. Itchy dry patch sounds like fungal skin... It could be sooo many things not std related that this question is way to "general"

  16. Ok thanks I was thinking the same so I bought antifungal cream

  17. I have a really small lips too :( but your lips are perfect it's like a cupid bow shape

  18. Absolutely. Cancelled going to a concert with my friends tonight because I was too scared and anxious to leave my home. I hate this.

  19. You probably have agoraphobia like me. I get anxious in crowded place or when I go far away by myself that I end up panicking in public and end up going home asap

  20. I know right specially when you're getting older I start to think I feel like I dont have much time to live but anyway we all gonna die and we can't do anything about it we just have to accept it

  21. I guess I have ocd too because I do this if I shoot this ball I will be lucky forever and if I missed this shot bad luck gonna happen but anyway I try not to shoot it

  22. Super mario odyssey is one of the best game I played on Nintendo switch

  23. medication dependency is a though game but you have to choice what you think is the better option for you. Tough it out over time or staying on medication and see the good effect as the better alternative ? being on and off meds is risquy so i would advice you to take one or the other decision. Wishing you the best

  24. then perhaps try taking them but only on really bad day ? they were surely prescribed to you for a good reason. Also daily long breathing exercice can go a long way. In anyway i wish you the best

  25. Yeah I will ask my doc if he can prescribe me again. They also helps when I get panic attack because it slows my heart rate. The reason I stop them my body starts to relie on them if I don't take it my heart will beat faster and pounding. After quitting them I was fine for months

  26. Yeah I get that and it's also hard to focus I can't think clearly I almost jumped from 2nd floor of the mall because I want to get out there really quick because my heart is beating too fast and pounding hard. I just really want to get out asap because the longer I inside the more intense the panic will be and it's so scary.

  27. I have nerve damage from Taxol. It started the 1st time I had it in 2016, the neuropathy got slightly better after I was done taking it but it never completely went away. So for now I'm on gabapentin for the nerve pain and numbness

  28. Yeah after my mom done with 4 cycles of strong chemo with the red iv fluid she now do taxol once a week she doesn't get fatigue or nausea from taxol unlike with the 4 strong chemo she had. Since this taxol is once a week it took some toll on her nerves

  29. It's hard for me make a friends because I'm super shy. There was this cute girl just next to my apartment she always makes eye contact with me and when I smile at her she smiles back but I got tired doing eye contacts because I'm shy to talk to Im just in the house all the time and trying to avoid her I feel like she likes me but I dont want to waste her time on like me

  30. I just don’t understand why I get these random episodes of the palpitations, I don’t know if it’s me making it worse

  31. By the way I became agoraphobic because of this stupid fast heart rate. I can't leave house far away because my heart starts to beats fast whenever I think how far i am from my house then I start to panic in public and my heart it beats up to 200 beats per minutes it's so terrifying. My heart was stuck at over 200bpm after exercising and when I was done lifting weight i sat down waiting for it to come back to normal but it didnt came back to normal heart rate for almost 2 hours my whole body became numb I thought I was going to die. After that I was terrified to go out alone or go far away from my house because I get panic attacks and worried my heart gonna get stuck again on fast heat beat.

  32. And they told you there’s nothing wrong how’s that even possible if your heart rate was 200bpm

  33. Yeah because I have a fear of fast heart rate after being traumatized from having really fast heart rate. so when you're already have fast heart rate and being afraid from it,it makes it even more faster

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