Getting tired of posts being removed. There might not be a mention of β€œGME” in it. But damn….a few months ago this sub was all about BCG. This sub should be about learning and discussion. Remember when Ryan tweets that BCG = πŸ’©

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  1. I have tried micro dosing psilocybin and after 45 minutes I could feel my right arm working better, my walking was immediately improved. I am 47, still ambulatory but use a power chair for long distance and sitting for extended periods. LGMD, diagnosed at 29

  2. Loopring only holds a few coins at the moment. I started using the Exodus wallet for the coins LR wont hold and I found out that they interact with the Trezor T. I ordered 1 Monday and as soon as it gets here, my plan is to move all my "Loopring non supported" coins to my Trezor and continue to buy through Exodus and transfer. I will use my LR wallet for the daily driver.


  4. I'm saving my receipt for the one I bought, thank goodness I transferred out and helped the πŸš€. You're welcome πŸ€™

  5. I believe so. I'm an android user so I'm not sure how complete the wallet is at the moment.

  6. I’m still learning, but it appears that the 2 levels have the same address. I could be wrong.

  7. That is correct, if you send L1 coin it will be in your L1 side, same goes for L2. I am assuming the IMX network will be added in time. It is available in the chrome extension now so it should be coming.

  8. Your observations are from an unbiased point, and that is met with a lot of "shill" attacks, even if it's a logical examination. I think because of the situation GME is in, they are going to the extreme on not saying anything that could be used against them. As shareholders we would obviously love more info or direction, but I don't think Gamestop has that luxury in this situation. πŸ€™

  9. I hope it drops. With the simplicity of buying through Ramp now, I will buy some and stash away. While the prices are dropping as we speak, I don't think they will abandon their ability to steal people's money. I think they are gonna drop it and promote the new "regulations" to protect investors. This will probably draw in scared investors, and hopefully, the price increases. πŸ€™

  10. the Loop wallet is self custodial so you have no reason to worry about centralized exchanges. Not sure if hardware wallets even support layer 2

  11. Well thats what my Gamestop wallet is from exchange transfer to wallet and if I desperately need to exchange crypto to fiat...I'll just transfer it back to a crypto exchange

  12. I have some coin that GS wallet won't hold so I am forced to use a third wallet.

  13. They just went on sale. Their site was down this morning but it is up now.

  14. I heard it was a dispute regarding the rental cost of the facility.

  15. i wonder how much per month he is paying the PR firm...? They are keeping him "in the news" and away from anything market-shit-related (which he himself causes).

  16. My thoughts as well. For someone who should be their go-to guy for financial wisdom, on a Saturday after a major financial crisis! They are talking about stereotypes, in schools?!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Strange that he isn't using his financial genius to help us through this crisis. /sπŸ€™

  17. What he left out was the compliment was. β€œI wanna play your tits like bongos.”

  18. Advanced Call recorder for the win! That app has helped me win on several occasions. πŸ€™

  19. The fact you used "bamboozled" in your post, take my updoot πŸ€™

  20. That name just sounds "made up" Bankman-fried.........πŸ€™

  21. this is not really a sport here in Yuma. Unless you have a sand toy to take you up to the top of the hill it is only fun 1 time down. Out hills are high and dirty, not a fun hike back up. The cost of the day pass is nuts now so I would look for some other option for fun on your trip.

  22. Speaking of these guys, with how bad Elon is destroying his own companies recently, I wonder if he’s being advised by BCG 🀣 if that turned out to be true, it might confirm simulation theory for me

  23. Maybe you should wait and see how his new company is doing in 6 months before you make assumptions. Just because you might disagree doesn't mean you are right, let it play out. πŸ€™

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