1. Not only is there no mold or bud rot in that picture but you have put it in a glass jar that I’m positive it didn’t come in. How well did you clean that jar before putting this particular herb in it? You could have mold or some other kind of organism living in there just waiting for some fresh nugs to attack.

  2. Here’s the real problem with this particular issue that they conveniently leave out. Domestic violence is already a crime. How many more laws do you you need written for something that’s already criminal? It’s impossible to legislate morality and decency they need to spend there time teaching people how to avoid domestic violence instead of writing more laws for things that are already illegal

  3. It’s called a joke. I shoot deer like the police shoot people. So honestly I’d have shot the deer

  4. Damn that sucks around here you stop pull out your pistol roll down the window and ask the deer to move out the road or make your day. Occasionally you don’t see it slam into it and are now needing a replacement vehicle. I hate deer

  5. Gtx 1650 is pretty weak.. you need at least a 3060-3070 to get constant 60+ fps ....

  6. Lol a 3060 will get you there in 1080p a 3070 will get you there at 4k

  7. Why not just throw it in the trash, and go grab a new one?

  8. Stuff looks like absolute shit but works wonders on arthritis in my hands.

  9. It may have purple in it but it’s also got yellow and brown spots it’s really not appealing to the eye. However it works great on my wrists and hands.

  10. 627 us freedom dollars it ain’t a bad deal but it also isn’t great 45k would be a good deal 40k great deal

  11. The person was willing to sell it 55k but as he's friend of my cousin, he dropped the price for 50k.

  12. It’s a decent laptop and will play most games. I would buy it if I needed one and that was in my budget.

  13. All coin and paper money in the us must be accepted for debts public and private. It’s a nice way of saying they have to accept it to do business in the US. This don’t mean someone selling something has to accept your payment it means any debt you have can be paid in US money and if you offer to pay and they won’t accept it record yourself because it will help you in court eventually

  14. 31 U.S. Code § 5103 - Legal tender. United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal tender for debts.

  15. Boys and girls have had separate bathrooms for at least 100 years why is there a push to change it? If they are really a different sex than they appear ok we can allow to use the bathroom of your choice, but if you have chosen to say your the opposite sex NO. It’s a mental disorder we don’t talk to people that aren’t in the room when crazy people say there are invisible people why are we playing this game?

  16. I’m not too familiar with CAD but it doesn’t look to be the best price to me

  17. It’s around 1250 US freedom dollars.

  18. The only thing left is a half erect cock.

  19. Your not supposed to ever get it that hot let alone over and over dude your lungs will thank you if you take lower temp hits

  20. Fire is your friend use natures dumpster the air we breath as your dump.

  21. Try uninstalling and reinstalling all graphics driver but you really need to RMA the device it’s toast.

  22. We can’t afford to eat just went up interest rate just up,food and gas just went up!lets go 1059!

  23. Seems like an awful time to strike. What happens when they don’t budge

  24. It is but we need to do this for us and our living conditions. I don’t know about yours but I’m alone I can barely afford my bills

  25. That’s what I’m afraid of. How can anyone afford to strike they don’t pay all your pay. The Union cares about the Union, Kroger cares about Kroger. Your fighting the wrong fight, the union is holding y’all back if .15cents is what they got you. I was a UAW worker and they constantly screwed us while telling us they were doing us favors be careful

  26. My family doctor works under a big health care system in Cincinnati. I get two CII scripts. Federal turned medical marijuana over to state pharm board. They have zero restrictions in place that say you can’t be prescribed both. It’s up to hospital system/general practitioner if they decide they want to play god or not. Follow the rules, don’t make waves.

  27. The federal government still sees marijuana as illegal this is why you can’t buy a gun once you have a card. Regardless of the states position on marijuana the federal government sees it as totally illegal. This creates mass problems for hospitals and doctors trying to stay within federal law. There’s literally info about all this on the state marijuana board’s website

  28. I’m literally prescribed scheduled drugs. It’s not illegal. That’s all I’m saying.

  29. I never said it was illegal to prescribe you prescription meds I said as a card holder of a federally illegal substance it is really risky for a doctor to prescribe you schedule 2 drugs while you knowingly take marijuana. Yes some doctors don’t care I’m fully aware of this but most are working for large hospitals and corporations and don’t feel like dealing with it

  30. Jar dosnt need to be sealed. It just needs to be in the original jar. Go to court the prosecutor will throw it out if you explain and you have your card.

  31. If you have ever inhaled street bought cannabis you have inhaled far worse then any of things listed here.

  32. As a farmer I’d like to point out fertilizer, seed, animal feed, fuel are all at record highs. I can’t grow food or animals at a profit currently. I’m not about to spend even more money taking animals and produce to the fair. Until something gives in this economy your going to see less and less of us.

  33. Unpopular opinion, I'm sure I'll get down voted, but if you're only 14, wait until you're 18-20 to start using MMJ. Many valid studies have found that cannabis use before 18-20 can cause serious delays in brain development. I hate that there aren't better pain medication options for those that MMJ isn't an option, but it is what it is.

  34. I know a few kids in the program that won’t make it to 20 years old. This is a touchy subject for me but I’m thinking maybe you shouldn’t be giving your opinion when you can’t see the kids your talking about. I assure you zero doctors in this program will give a minor a card without knowing full well they actually need it.

  35. I mean it kinda sounds like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson.

  36. Dude get off this subreddit and go talk to a someone. The shit on here is almost always bullshit. They have been saying the planet is on fire and we’re goi g to die for 50 years. Nothing is different from 50 years ago other than the mass hysteria brought to you by the news and a constant flow of miss information from the internet.

  37. I mean I say and do some fucked up shit but this is the type of person we need red flag laws for. The dude there talking about will kill someone if they aren’t stopped first.

  38. Washington county is great unless you are a brain dead liberal. Apparently I can’t spell or use proper English thats why I’m not rude and I don’t tell people to learn the language, I don’t even understand it.

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