1. Congratulations, beautiful cat and I’m glad it’s treating you well. Keep up that maintenance and she will last longer

  2. Check out Samsung speaker wires. They may work? Amazon had them

  3. Great job dad. Enjoy your time with your son and your smoke

  4. Thunder Hat Co. they sell shirts and all kind of stuff.

  5. What’s wrong with the old pair?, still looks fine to me.

  6. Getting them resoled this week. Then they will be used again. Rotation keeps them fresh 😃

  7. Amazing what a little elbow grease, conditioner, and boot oil can do!

  8. I wish I had a clock in mine, So classy and elegant. I I guess I need to step up to an S class. But I’m hooked on the E’s.

  9. Looks sweet! Some details bro! Mileage? # of owners? Come on youre killing us! Lol

  10. Thank you @homie_plays_dat. This was my first Mercedes. I purchased in 2007. Second owner and it currently has 103,682 on the clock. It sits in garage now though. I mostly use the newer e550.

  11. Historical park. I5 to 101 interchange is right behind you and you're taking the picture with you back right shoulder facing the playground

  12. I use my magnet in my car daily. I use it when I get in vehicle and am driving only. It’s a great option for a quick draw if needed. I upgraded to the #60 magnet for a stronger hold. I love it. It works great for what I use it for. It also saves my leather from wearing and ripping. Good luck on finding something though.

  13. What have been some of your favorites, and less so?

  14. Hi, so far I’ve really liked the Liga 9, RP 55 and the Mi Querida. I didn’t care for the Norteno by DE. But honestly it’s been a fun journey, that I can’t wait to keep sampling others.

  15. Sure looks like an w210 to me also

  16. Old school speaker test songs: Dj Magic Mike - Feel the Bass, Nemesis-munchies for your bass

  17. Nice boots, don’t be scared, Use them. I felt the same way buying the 411’s. Such good looking boots but they are made for work. Your feet will thank you. Your feet make you the money, treat them well. Happy feet means a happy day at work. Get that money 💰

  18. Yeah I’m wondering if anyone in construction has any recommendations with certain types of red wings. I really enjoyed the comfort, wide sizes, inserts, waterproof, and insulation. It’s just that they held up like crap and some people are mentioning the cleaning which I’ll be sure to do. Also the goo covering which I don’t think will do much tbh but worth a try on my next pair. But I don’t think I will get the same style.

  19. I’ve always worked construction both dirt work and asphalt. I buy the 411’s. They hold up great and only need the occasional resole when tread where’s off. I’m sure this style will hold up. But I also clean and oil them regularly to keep the leather in proper condition.

  20. Yeah possibly the seal coat not mixed correctly or it was applied over a dirty area or it could be water seepage from underneath? I’d definitely contact them. It could be an easy fix?

  21. Oh for sure. Looking good 👍. I’m from Port Lions and I recognized that outfit quickly. Stay blessed

  22. Looks more like cocaine or powdered sugar. Would need more context to say for sure.

  23. Now that’s funny. No sir it was actually Clubman powder from after showers.

  24. What's that cigar on the left? Doesn't look like anything I've seen posted here before? Is it a fake cigar or something?

  25. No doubt, it seems like on here there’s never a authentic Cohiba.

  26. Oscar Valladares 2012 Barberpole is excellent.

  27. Thanks for suggestion. I’ll keep my eyes open for one at my local B&M.

  28. I really like the cigar it was one of the first cigars I tried when I just got into them (short story) I was going to the shop to purchase some cigars not knowing much about them. I asked for help from the guy behind the counter he said I just got in some black market cigars me knowing nothing about the brand I thought I was getting something like Cuban and then he comes To the front from the back room with these I bought them anyways because I love the The rap

  29. Absolutely the colored wrap caught my eye also. First time I’ve experienced the green leaf. I’ll definitely like to buy others. Thanks for the comment, have a great night my friend

  30. WA doesn’t allow insurance they define it as “criminal insurance”

  31. US Law Shield is available in Washington State. There the only company.

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