1. HIGHLY recommend everybody check this bad boy out, Cormack & Douek’s last collabs (Sea of Sorrows and Road of Bones) were two of my favorite horror comics of the past few years.

  2. Probably because he's only gotten better and actually started singing in a lower register likely because he was singing out of his range back then, hence the autotune. Both Mike and Jeremy sound better than they ever have these days.

  3. I don’t know that I agree on Mike sounding better than he ever has, but I do think that right now he sounds better than he has in a long time. He’s sounded very strained for the last few records IMO, but on Color Decay he sounds like he’s accepted that his range isn’t what it used to be, possibly taken some lessons, has changed his techniques up, and delivered his best performance since With Roots.

  4. Stefon is probably my favorite but Dawn Lazarus is really, really funny.

  5. It is often surprising to me how resistant people are to different opinions and the disbelief and bewilderment that seems to typically accompany it as expressed by the downvotes.

  6. You reacted to OP’s headline by saying “Don’t you dare compare Shadowland to this heap.” How is my comment tonally any different than yours?

  7. I didn't swear in my reply to OP as you did in your comment to me, which I, perhaps mistakenly, took as aggression towards me.

  8. Hey, I’ll meet you halfway and admit to being a very causal curser and sometimes forgetting that that can come across as more aggressive than intended in text form, so I’m sorry if it read that way.

  9. The majority of my favorite metalcore bands don’t have cleans. It’s not like I don’t like core bands with cleans - Killswitch are one of my all time faves, for example - but I’m generally more into the harsher side of the scene so I would 100% still be into it.

  10. Fucking wild that you’re getting downvoted as though clean vocals are all a band needs to be considered metalcore…

  11. Fuck, I missed the nomination threads and I therefore completely blame myself for Hypermass, The Antichrist Imperium and Godeater not being on here 😢

  12. Warren Ellis was cancelled a while back for…questionable…interactions with female fans so I can’t imagine them using any of his work.

  13. Ellis’ WildStorm work is owned by DC so I’m not sure they require his permission to use it, nor that he gets much in the way of profits from it. He also isn’t really well known enough in the wider public for there to be too much pushback if they use his material.

  14. Start with Warren Ellis' run on Stormwatch, then his run on The Authority.

  15. While a vastly different kind of book, I think Superman & The Authority is a fun read and one I wouldn't be surprised if gets utilized in this DCU plan.

  16. That was the recent Grant Morrison run right? Guess I should take a look at it at some point, I haven't read it but it's GMozz so it's probably worth my time.

  17. I love those properties too. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are a fantastic buddy duo. I've read The Authority entire run about 3 times. When I was a kid I LOVED finding a creature commando comic or back story in Sgt Rock.

  18. Anti-Ritual has some very on-the-nose lyrics, probably the most outward being


  20. He's a straight white dude whose biggest audience is in the UK and he was cancelled for being a transphobe, but you keep moving goalposts if that makes you feel better.

  21. I don’t think Brandon Graham has ever successfully stuck and landing sadly. The fist book the came to mind for me was Multiple Warheads, the second volume was such an unsatisfying let down and I remember being similarly disappointed with Rain Like Hammers too at the end.

  22. Alejandro Jodorowsky has a boundless imagination and crams tons of wonderful ideas into every book he writes, and almost always works with absolute top-tier artists.

  23. Content-wise, Crowder is worse. Influence-wise, Shapiro is worse. Shapiro’s content convinced a lot of people to join the right back in 2016, whereas Crowder isn’t even liked much by the right, let alone average people. The “facts over feelings” rhetoric and fast talking that Ben used was 100x more effective in pulling people over.

  24. Agreed. Crowder is individually a much worse person, but Shapiro’s negative influence on the world at large is far, far worse.

  25. Alright, if you're not using wagyu, which is very good beef.

  26. Yeah, Wagyu is basically the high-quality sparkling wine to Kobe’s champagne, it’s one of the nicest beef cuts you can get and should be treated like it.

  27. I'm going to hold my small tea candle of hope that Keith and Jordan sort their shit out. Keith's a tough guy though. I love his art but he seems like a tough guy to work with or spend time with.

  28. Me too, but given how public and apparently bitter their fallout was I think it might take a couple of years before they’re on speaking terms again.

  29. There appear the be three potential ETID offshoot projects in the works:

  30. The Maxx was fantastic, most of the rest is a product of its time and doesn’t do much for me.

  31. Well sure, if we are talking about proper metalcore. Back in my days metalcore referred to the poppy Swedish melodeath knockoffs, and today that does not seem to have changed at all, except there seems to be a lot more djent influences. If you talked about proper metalcore you would say either metallic hardcore or just hardcore. It’s the same thing with screamo, if you listened to proper screamo you would called it skramz or emocore or just hardcore, while “screamo” meant pop songs with screaming guys in striped T-shirts and black hair.

  32. Having Kanye on his show pre-antisemitic meltdown and doing something cringeworthy with him doesn’t really strike me as being as bad as professing one’s love for Hitler and identifying as a Nazi, and it certainly isn’t even approaching drugging and raping a bunch of women.

  33. I mean, if you say "Kanye West Airpool Karaoke with James Corden" in more than one breath then I suppose you're right. But that's what you asked, and I answered.

  34. Facts above me, downvotes be damned. Man was a right trash human. Woman beater and all.

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