1. Apparently based on another comment, guy in wheelchair commented about how her outfit was from shein and that’s what made her explode. Definitely doesn’t justify the shitty ass mocking. Anyone would make fun of her outfit.

  2. But doesn't that cancel out by the fact that it costs so much more to live there?

  3. I don’t know the answer (sorry) but I just wanted to say your two’s friendship sounds amazing. You’re very lucky to have such a friend in your life!!!

  4. Same. I’m so confused. Now I’m wondering if I have An inner voice or not. I definitely don’t talk to myself in my head, I just kinda know what I want to do…I can imagine voices of what people I know sound like but I don’t actually hear them.

  5. Tokini Andy already made a fairly comprehensive review of both textbooks. Did you see it? I only own Tobira but flipping between pages, small text, and algorithmic grammar explanations kinda ruin the experience.

  6. Are you done with your tutor? Could just ask them which they're more comfortable or have more experience going through.

  7. blargh! lol totally forgot to add that part to my thread. I just added it now. lol

  8. There was an interview with a British lady who claimed Americans were all stupid and didn't know anything about their own country. The interviewer asked her what the Capital of Britain was or something and she didn't know lol. I have also seen people from other countries try and fill in where the US states are and couldn't. Others in Europe couldn't fill in European countries. Not knowing where everything is seems to be normal across the world.

  9. I would freeze thinking it’s a trick question. “Wait Britain or England…or the UK….England is Britain and the UK, but the UK and Britain aren’t solely England… is this guy Irish and trolling me? Am I really real?? How do we know we exist.

  10. I have no idea what this means, thus, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. I don't owe you an explanation on why I think something is weird to me.

  12. While I agree with you I feel like you’re making a rebuttal to an argument that no one is making.

  13. An alternate version of ~すぎる is ~すぎ, which is a noun (as all stems of verbs are), and so it takes な before ので.

  14. Thank you so much!!! How I didn’t think of すぎ instead of some weird modification of すぎる idk but you just received a lot of frustration on my part. 😅

  15. I found that earlier before I made my post. Looks like that bug was fixed though around publishing of that article. AFAIK nothing like that has happened since.

  16. I mean if you were speeding wouldn't it be easier to just be honest with the guy and get it over with?

  17. People in here be like “take the 5th, dont succumb to tyrants, know your rights!!”

  18. lol I’d watch some of those videos and it would do the exact opposite for me. I’d get discouraged that I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time and now I need to unlearn my learning and relearn how to learn before I can start learning…….argh! lol

  19. its like a garbage plate in teh states but we don't have tikka and samosas and pakora

  20. As an American I’ve never heard of a garbage plate. But I love Indian food.

  21. Can I link てください after a てform verb + てくれる (can’t remember what the term is called for connecting verbs with て form)

  22. I'm a beginner wanting to learn Japanese on my own. Where should I begin?

  23. Japanese Pod 101 and start with learning all the hiragana and katakana. Their videos helped me. Keep at it for a few days and you’ll have them all memorized.

  24. That doesn’t not sound like a good time…

  25. It kinda like that now though.

  26. I mean, you are correct. There is a certain political party that is doing ridiculous things to oppress a small minority of Americans rather than helping build up our country’s various infrastructure, economy, and wellbeing.

  27. May I ask what is the meaning of the second and the third

  28. I’m wondering how you can stop yourself from farting! Especially if it’s going on and on, which indicates that you really need to release that pressure. Just saying . . . .

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