1. Right to assemble is the first amendment... You don't even have to read far.

  2. I'm missing the part where "mostly peaceful" is mentioned. Burning cities to the ground is also protected "speech" right? Please enlighten me on the intricacies of liberal logic.

  3. We are talking about the protests right now. The marches are peaceful. You're missing a lot.

  4. It was always going to get to a.......tipping point. For real though, it wasn't always 20% in my lifetime. There was bound to be a ceiling. Time for owners to take care of the people who built their empires.

  5. McDonald’s full time employee benefits are, depending on where you reside, tuition reimbursement, sick time, 401K, health insurance, free meals + 30% off, holiday pay, etc… I doubt a twitter poster would ever do their due diligence. Y’all bitch and complain about America yet fail to realize that we get the same benefits. Grass is always greener when you never look over the fence.

  6. You are just strait up wrong homie. Lots of places pay the bare minimum and people do work at these places. Get out your bubble sometime and check it out.

  7. Bruh I literally worked at a McDonald’s for 3 years. Shit sucked ass, always due to customers and other shitty employees deciding that doing their job wasn’t for them. We got treated well and were being paid 13 first year, 14 the next and 15. Im on the east coast. And I got tuition reimbursed. Y’all are lazy fucks who don’t do their research and listen to dumbass opinions on twitter. Age of information yet y’all so dumb.

  8. There are more place to work than McDonalds and you said "Nobody follows the federal wage of $7" Pretty blanket statement there boss.

  9. So explain how it's manipulative to ask your teenage child to get permission from a school about their dress code?

  10. Because the parents already know or could’ve found out themselves. By making their kid do it they clearly don’t have their kids back and just want a clear conscience by feeling like they weren’t the ones who said no. Forcing a teenager to go up to an authority figure that isn’t a parent is a scary thing for teens. This will only teach the kid to get better at lying and do other things hidden away from her parents.

  11. Talking to a teacher was never scary to me. You clearly had a much worse childhood to have such a bleak outlook. There's nothing identifying in the image. No way to figure out who it is. You're a very negative person. I'm sorry you had such a bad upbringing to end up this negative.

  12. It's strait up manipulation. You asked, I told. It's little things like this that teach developing brains how the world is. It's the internet dude. Someone can and probably will find this. Teens are extremely chatty and connected. Thanks for the condolences, we cannot pretend shit like this is funny though.

  13. Willie has said it twice now. Also wants to split the city into four policing quadrants I think I heard?

  14. And extend the retirement age so we have more cops? Did he get that idea from France and just turn of the TV at that?

  15. It's funny how even today, folks are trying to sweep the Trump riots under the rug, getting mad about rioters being charged and convicted by playing this "whatabout" game regarding the progressive riots of 2020.

  16. Didn't Biden hide them until after midterms? I wish we could start calling out both sides for how corrupt they are. It's like democrats took 2 steps back from when I was younger.

  17. We are calling out both sides. One of these sides tries to turn a blind eye to their supreme leader. That’s the whole comic there bud.

  18. No. It is, oops well here ya go, I accept that I fucked up. The other is, “WAHHHHHH, CRY CRY WAHHH SO UNFAIR!”

  19. That's not how alcoholism works at all. If someone is that bad that they are hiding drinks back in the cooler and other people are buying them, an appropriate response is the nuclear option. "Talking" to them isn't going to do shit. There isn't a whole lot of "talking" to alcoholics, because the alcoholism is in the way.

  20. Wow, someone sure is oblivious to the addict in their family. We all have at least one. Talking does help. Matter of fact that is one of the most common ways people recover.

  21. I have an entire side of the family that has spent extended time in various stages of addiction and recovery.

  22. Classic reddit. You say an incorrect statement and then backtrack. This whole post is bullshit anyways. You know addicts in various stages of recovery. What is more likely, an alcoholic clerk put their booze in a customer accessible cooler, with a sealed cap, drew a V on the cap, sold it and didn’t say anything about the V on the cap, or OP drew a V on the cap.

  23. I'll die on this hill. Someone on the mod team is a double-agent and their advocation for censoring crime was for an intentional Streisand effect to occur.

  24. You know what is not on that list? Wages.

  25. Hitting or smacking your tins to seal them together.

  26. Always thought this was more of a sales move. Grabs attention, people ask questions about it, etc.

  27. People who don’t pick up their dog’s shit. Also, the cold.

  28. Comedy/podcasts are 99% seated (Eric Andre wasn’t). Music is mostly standing. Balcony has bleacheresque seating with servers. Pretty nice up there plus close to bathrooms & merch.

  29. 18 inches according the European model

  30. They use the metric system to make em seem bigger.

  31. So Illinois dispensary prices, even without the recreational tax can be summed up as, way over priced. In comparison to street level buds of similar quality. The main good thing is that you know what you are buying and can generally at least get consistent supply via a dispensary.

  32. What drawbacks? The whole not being able to have a FOID or CC permit is and always has been a bunch of bullshit. My card place also holds cc permit classes.

  33. I guess lots of us believe in consequences and if someone has been willing to take another human’s life and simply didn’t succeed, we think they’ve crossed society’s ultimate red line.

  34. There are countries you could move to for this.

  35. And so you want me to move out of the country, being a tax paying citizen with zero criminal record, but let's not treat the attempted murderer too harshly. Got it lol.

  36. Go pass the bar and get back to me. The very same document that promises guns also promises certain legal protections for tax paying citizens. I was on a jury this year for a murder case. Guy got to walk because the state did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. Our system is terrible but it is our current system.

  37. As pissy as people get about it, if the culture goes away for servers and bartenders then you would have a whole industry of people deciding that they can make $15/hr doing something that doesn’t require them to deal with drunk people every single weekend and holiday into the wee hours. Have fun waiting for your drinks from teenagers willing to deal with that!

  38. Why not pay based on experience? Retain that talent. McDonalds and a Michelin star restaurant provide a basic need. We can have teenagers and experts be in the same field.

  39. Take your backpack off. Move to the very back of the bus/train car. Do not block the side exit ever. In the few decades of using CTA I have never missed my stop because I couldn't get out of the train/bus no matter how crowded it was. Use the back of your hand to test cloth seats for dampness. Still no clue why we still use that shitty cloth on seats.

  40. Went ahead and found the specific section just for you, it reads:

  41. So exactly what the judge is talking about. What the fuck is wrong with y'all?

  42. I was literally just posting what the text the other person was referencing. Calm down, get off reddit and go for a walk.

  43. Get your head right. Complain about this safe-t act or kim foxx. Not both. This sub is garbage. You don't care about crime or criminals, just being loud and stupid.

  44. I worked at a place that had a mass exodus of kitchen staff when a Whole foods opened up nearby.

  45. I can’t wait for these dinosaurs to get out of the way. Imagine how much culinary innovation we’ve missed out on because someone felt the need to continue the cycle of abuse.

  46. Sadly I think a good portion of the newer folks act just like them. They were raised on Hell's Kitchen and survived being treated like shit by kitchen tyrants and trash owners. They treat the newcomers like trash because they think Anthony Bourdain would want that tradition kept alive.

  47. Would he though? I mean look what happened. Sadly, his ending is not unique in the service industry world.

  48. Can’t believe it comes with a hot chicks room!

  49. Just don’t look in the bucket of truth.

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