1. Bro u labeled them the wrong way around

  2. The meme is about the quit kid usually being the toughest

  3. Jason and Lucia do look like unsophisticated Florida trash though. Seems unlikely that they’d align themselves with some government/police force and do wacky nation-level bullshit like in GTA 5. Especially if there’s supposed to be some Bonnie and Clyde influence going on story-wise

  4. Small ones have been felt across the rest of the world in the last 48 hours as well.

  5. I love AOT because it doesn’t follow typical anime tropes. No shipping and love bullshit, no humor when the characters are literally fighting for their lives.

  6. You clearly don’t take the gym serious enough

  7. I would be absolutely fuming inside my head, but i know it isn’t something worth fighting for or making my GF feel like shit.

  8. Nah ive worked with people who get this irrationally mad early in the morning

  9. I know plenty of people who get mad at the smallest things in life.

  10. A little bit. I was working out with my gymbro when this girl was complaining that we where too close to her and it’s creepy. It was busy so i said we’re staying right here and if she doesn’t like it, she can leave. I don’t know why you guys accept being treated like dirt by some females, they aren’t some divine beings.

  11. The forbidden answer. I have an insane appetite. I can only keep it at bay if i mentally sabotage myself or use nicotine. I use snus.

  12. Take two calls have been a repeat of it self for years. ‘We made money with GTA V this quarter, we will continue to make money on GTA V next quarter, bye’

  13. You should read the possible side effects of medicine and drugs people use like candy. Everyone is different and we all have to take risks.

  14. No f’ing way do I believe that we get GTA VI before 2025. Bet there’s lots of shit to do still like bug fixing. Take two and rockstar games can’t afford to fuck this up for reputations sake.

  15. GTA VI has been in development since 2014. It’s not like they are rushing the game if it releases in 2024. They are also using RDR2’s engine as a base so that speeds up development.

  16. Yup I remember claiming a bounty on someone that was worth 7 bil. Good times.

  17. I was 11 when gta v launched. I remember the DNS glitch. I figured it out and got billions. I gave billions to my friends and was called a hacker by my mates.

  18. I wouldn’t start min yet. It’s much more of a hassle to keep using it every day then just pop a pill. Age and hairloss severity plays a role in much you can recover. You have the young age but i don’t know how severe the hairloss is.

  19. You can’t stop min, ever if you want to keep your hair that depends on the min.

  20. So the game could be a little over a year from release basically?

  21. Fall 2024 is probably what most insiders would say right now. I doubt the game is releasing 2025. They’ll have to release it in the fall, since that’s the most optimal time to release a game and fall 2025 is just too far away with GTA V slowing down etc.

  22. I might have a combination of both, i really don’t know. I lost so much hair when i crash dieted, also lost hair on my eyebrows. My hair is much better now but still not the same. Eyebrows still have a thin part but i don’t know if full recovery is possible.

  23. I don’t have any noticeable body hair, except pubic and arm hair. I do have a good mustache but subpar beard growth.

  24. How do you guys even fall in their trap. I don’t even feel the slightest temptation to buy fifa points. What’s the point? Spend thousands of euro’s to get a mega team, just to end up playing a grand total of 7 WL games a week.

  25. The 2 first knuckles are big and look like they've hit things their whole life.

  26. I honestly expect GTA 6 to be revealed at a PlayStation Event. I feel like they spent crazy money for its exclusive promo. Other than that I don’t expect to see anything until Late 2023 or early 2024

  27. Rockstar literally just picks a random day to announce stuff. GTA V, RDR2 where both announced completely randomly. Same goes to GTA 6, it won’t be connected to an event.

  28. I'm being serious when i say that I'm starving for a new GTA game, nothing in gaming tops that first time you load up a new Rockstar title in my opinion

  29. I’m just bored of gaming in general and my friendgroup kinda needs a new game which we can all play together. GTA 6 is just gonna be ‘that game’ that everyone will play, like gta online etc was.

  30. GTA V also included Chop, they should expand on this feature and make it more useful, we should be able to purchase companions, kinda like horses in RDR2

  31. Yes. I’d like to take my cat literally everywhere i go.

  32. So it doesn’t pretty much have the same AI as RDR2 then.

  33. It isn’t possible in a GTA game. For one, GTA games are filled with NPC’s unlike RDR2, where the towns have NPC’s and then it’s only the occasional one you come across the landscape.

  34. Here in Morocco, most of our meals have sauces (merka or mer9a) and are eaten with bread, cut to pieces with hand or kitchen knife and dipped in the sauce (composed mostly of olive oil plus different spices). Our most popular breakfast is tea, homemade bread and olive oil.

  35. Ah, all the oil with bread meals that my mother makes. Sadly i don’t eat it.

  36. Be a man bro. That hairstyle is honestly embarrassing in real life.

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